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TTEK is a leading global technology solutions firm that specializes in developing and deploying technology for the optimization of customs and border processing. TTEK embraces artificial intelligence as the foundation of their technology to improve border virtualization, data exploitation, and decision support; all being designed to strengthen controls and promote trade facilitation to ultimately achieve economic prosperity for our global clients and their regional partners.

Our team of global experts exceeds 300 employees and associates, providing services and consulting expertise in all aspects of the Customs Program including trade import processing, accounting, revenue leakage forensics, post clearance audit and investigations, risk management, national targeting centers, manifesting and in-bond cargo controls, warehousing and free zones, collaborative border management, electronic single window, border infrastructure design, and more.  TTEK is a one stop shop to obtain expertise for all aspects of border systems, policy, and program design.

With on the ground work experience in over 40 countries, we provide trade and risk-based solutions for a broad spectrum of customs, border, defense, intelligence, law, and regulatory enforcement agencies. Our solutions have helped customs analysts and decision-makers address risks to safety, security, health, and revenue while supporting defense, anti-smuggling, and regulatory enforcement missions.

Our subject matter experts and specialists possess a wide range of technical and subject matter expertise, with significant and extensive domain experience in customs border management, trade modernization, supply chain operations, and risk management.  

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GScan is an Estonian tech company which uses a pioneering combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and atmospheric ray tomography (ART) to see through objects similar to X-ray technology. Atmospheric ray scanners use only natural radiation (muons, electrons) and thus can be applied with no restrictions for scanning humans, medicine or foodstuffs.

GScan mission is to apply Atmospheric Rays for transition to a safer future.

GScan vision is to be the leading innovator in Atmospheric Ray Technology creating solutions which are changing the world to a safer place

Our patented technology allows autonomous identification of narcotics, explosives, weapons, nuclear materials, etc based on density and atomic information. to provide added value to the security of supply chains worldwide, through improved detection and faster processing of people and cargo using AI and tomographic 3D reconstruction.

Our μFLUX scanners can be applied anywhere, where the chemical composition of scanned objects should be revealed: security, land/sea/air border control, industry, and in all areas of supply chains. GScan will bridge the major security gap for fast and safe inspection of large number of cargos by deploying the μFLUX range of scanner systems.


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Customs-hub is a consulting service created specifically to promote and support implementations of the WCO Data Model. We strongly believe in the standardization of logistics chain data as a fundamental step to achieving safe, efficient and transparent Customs processes. We have a platform that aims to provide Customs, Single Windows and the private sector with the ability to generate their own specification of the WCO Model in an automated manner, without the need to hire experts and ensuring full compliance with the WCO Data Model. Customs-hub, together with its associates and partners, is the accumulation of years of experience in the field of Customs, Single Windows and the private sector. We operate with an extensive network of associated international partners and experts, which puts us in a unique position to offer the latest cutting-edge customs solutions based on international standards and global best practices.

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GUUD, a new digital way to trade globally, is a technology platform and group of businesses launched under the vCargo Cloud umbrella in 2020. The GUUD group references the UN/CEFACT Buy-Ship-Pay model to cover all aspects of trade facilitation, bypassing long-standing barriers to trade, and digitally transforming trade processes. Our flagship product, CamelONE™ has helped governments and industries around the world drive greater efficiencies in their trade processes, improving speed, accuracy and driving standardisation of processes. Over the past years, GUUD has established itself as a market leader in trade facilitation solutions with projects completed in more than 17 countries around the world, such as the National Trade Single Window and Port EDI Maritime Single Window in Cambodia and the establishment of a Single Customs Territory (“SCT”) for 5 of 6 East Africa Community countries. GUUD’s mission is to Trade for Good, and guided by UN’s sustainable development goals, we pursue what is good for people, businesses and economies, helping improve livelihoods, generating prosperity and creating technological efficiencies and improvements everywhere we go.

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Viken Detection

Viken Detection Corporation is a manufacturer of cutting-edge detection technology that focuses on the safety of all global citizens with our world leading Backscatter X-ray systems. Building on our global success with our Handheld Backscatter Imager range, Viken Detection have now successfully delivered full vehicle scanning solutions, including the markets first under vehicle x-ray solution – the Osprey-UVX. We create an extra layer of protection for our users by showing them anomalies in real-time the human eye cannot see. From seeing narcotics to weaponry, or identifying human smuggling we are helping you make this world a safer place one X-ray scan at a time.

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Webb Fontaine

Webb Fontaine is an AI company re-shaping the future of Trade. Trusted by governments globally, Webb Fontaine provides industry wide solutions to accelerate trade development and modernization. The company uses unique technology including Artificial Intelligence to enable countries to emerge as leaders in the future of trade. Knowledge transfer is at the core of Webb Fontaine; comprising a team of experts who work across the world, empowering local communities and governments. As an industry leader with the largest R&D centres in the industry, Webb Fontaine is constantly developing international trade practices connecting countries, borders and people.

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Symetrica is a specialist radiation detector manufacturer and integrated solution provider. We have dedicated, specialist staff and manufacturing plants in Westford (MA) and Southampton (UK) for the design, manufacture and support of our product range. We focus on operational threat detection. Consequently, our customers are setting new operational standards in radiation detection. For over 20 years, Symetrica has focused on making the best radiation detection equipment. As a specialist radiation detector manufacturer, our solutions detect threats and solve daily challenges – providing specialist detection equipment and software that integrates x-ray and radiation detection data into a secure common operating picture in a single window.

This technology is used for:  

  • Securing US cities, US points of entry and EU countries 
  • Protecting the largest EU container port  
  • Screening freight at the third largest airport in Europe
  • Military and homeland security contracts

Our dedicated, highly qualified staff have designed, delivered and supported the best radiation detector systems. Most noteworthy, they have:  

  • Manufactured and fielded over 5,000 handheld RIIDs (Radioisotobe Identification Device)
  • Integrated RIIDs, Mobiles and Radiation Portal Monitors with x-ray systems in port scale deployments
  • Successfully bid and delivered systems directly and with our partners  
  • Developed a complete product range that includes the Discovery common operating platform, RIIDs, Backpacks, Mobiles and Radiation Portal Monitors.

Our latest product launch Discovery, brings together operational command and control, service support and asset management for new and legacy threat detection equipment. Discovery delivers Machine Learning into the market, a powerful addition to your tool kit.

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Netcompany-Intrasoft is one of Europe’s fastest growing and most successful IT services companies. With and a global headcount of +7,000 talented employees, we are leading the way in showing how digital transformation can create strong, sustainable societies, successful companies and better lives for us all. Our ambition is to become the market leader within IT services in Europe. With our portfolio of platforms and unique expertise across several European markets and in the EU institutions market - Netcompany-Intrasoft has a solid position and long history that proofs we are able to deliver in the most complex of domains. Building on +20 years of experience, we offer Customs departments access to a vast library of scalable digital solutions and individual software components enabling Customs departments to leverage flexible and well-proven solutions to accelerate their digital transformation journey. References include: Denmark Custom - Norway Custom - Swedish Custom - Netherlands: DMS - UK HMRC - Ireland The Revenue Commissioners - EU – DG TAXUD - Greece Customs - ASEAN Customs

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DCSA Digital

Container Shipping Association (DCSA) is a neutral, non-profit group founded by major ocean carriers to digitise and standardise the container shipping industry. With the mission of leading the industry towards systematic collaboration, DCSA drives initiatives to make container transportation services transparent, reliable, easy to use, secure and environmentally friendly. DCSA’s open source standards are developed based on input from DCSA member carriers, industry stakeholders and technology experts from other industries. DCSA member carriers include:  MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, ONE, Evergreen, Yang Ming, HMM and ZIM.

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