Tuesday, 18 October

09.35 – 09.50/Keynote speech

- Mr. Richard Thompson, Vice President – Marketing, Smiths Detection, Conference Corporate sponsor see presentation

15.15 – 16.00/Session 3:  Exploiting the potential of cutting-edge technologies to strengthen border security and enhance Customs processes

- Mr. Kevin Davies, Global Director, Ports and Borders, Smiths Detection (corporate sponsor) see presentation

- Mr. Jan Kamp, Director Customs Rotterdam see presentation

- Mr. Danielle Spiller, Director of future cargo intervention, Australian Border Force see presentation

- Mr. Nigel Lidster, Campaign Manager Homeland Security, Cyber and Security Division, Leonardo see presentation

16.40 – 17.40/Session 4: Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for automated threat detection in the cargo scanning process

- Prof. Zhiqiang Chen, Chairman and President of Nuctech see presentation

- Mr. Keiji Shibata, Deputy Director General of Japan Customs see presentation


Wednesday, 19 October


9.10 – 10.00/ Session 5: Leveraging on public-private partnerships for safe, secure and sustainable cross-border e-commerce


-Mr. Wei Yuan, Deputy Director of Customs Targeting Bureau, Ningbo Customs District, China Customs see presentation

-Ms. Sandra Fischer, DHL Express Global Head of Customs see presentation

-Mr. Ananth Rathakrishnan, Deputy Secretary (Customs) in the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) of India see presentation


10.00 – 10.10/Keynote speech on green developments


- Dr. Boriana Rukanova, senior researcher, Delft University of Technology see presentation


10.10 – 11.00/ Session 6:  Dreaming of innovations, leaving behind patterns of thought


-Mr. Randy Barnby, Senior Director of Business Development & Strategy, S2 Global see presentation

-Mr. Mahmood AlBastaki, DP World see presentation

-Mr. Raju Boddu, Comptroller of Customs, Government of Antigua and Barbuda see presentation

-Mr. Abdoulaye Mahamadou Maïga, Head of cooperation and international relations, General Directorate of Customs of Mali, Mali Customs see presentation


11.30 – 11.40/Keynote speech


-Mr. Herman Wagter, Program Manager, Topsector Logistiek, Conference Platinum sponsor see presentation


11.40 – 12.30/ Session 7: Facilitating trade with new technological solutions: Customs success stories


-Mr. Dan Garcia, SIMS Worldwide Inc. see presentation

-Mr. Syed Aftab Haider, CEO of the Pakistan Single Window Company see presentation

-Ms. Louise Wiggett, Customs Connect see presentation

-Mr. Ram Ben Tzion, Chief Executive Officer, Publican Trade Solutions see presentation


14.00 – 14.45/Breakout sessions


Session A1:Capturing and exploiting data from across the trade ecosystem 


-Mr. Henk Jan Gerzee, Chief Product Officer, Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) see presentation

- Mr. Samson Urida, Head of the Department for International Relations, Revenue Service of Georgia see presentation

-Ms. Ujjwala Bhagwat, Additional Director, National Customs Targeting Centre (NCTC), Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) of India see presentation


Session B1: Achieving excellence in Customs and international trade with Data Analytics


-Mr. Solomon Raj Joseph, Senior Product Director, CrimsonLogic see presentation

- Mr. Seongik Kim, Deputy Director in Big Data Analysis Division, Korea Customs Service see presentation

- Mr. Mike Squirrell, CTO, TTEK Inc. see presentation

- Mr. Joel Choi, Data Analyst, BACUDA Project, WCO see presentation


Session C1:  Unveiling the potential of Blockchain for Customs and trade


-Mr. Alexander de Voet, Europe Lead for Accenture Border Services Industry see presentation

-Prof. Walter de Wit, Erasmus University of Rotterdam see presentation


Session D1: Capacitating Members to leverage technology for effective and efficient Customs procedures


-Mr. Juan Diego Chavarria Valverde, Technical Officer, Procedures and Facilitation, WCO see presentation

-Mr. Alejandro Rinaldi Velasco, CEO, Customs-hub see presentation

-Ms. Ozlem Soysanli, Technical Officer, Procedures and Facilitation, WCO see presentation


14.45 – 15.30/Breakout sessions


Session A2: Embedding cutting-edge technologies in Customs controls


-Mr. Eric Zanin, CEO, Symetrica see presentation

-Mr. Leonel Molina, Head of Customs and Trade Modernization and Innovation,  Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria (SAT), Guatemala see presentation


Session B2: Trusting new technologies: Artificial Intelligence


-Mr. Chris Thibedeau, Founder, TTEK Inc. see presentation

-Ms. Erica Chavez Castillo, Microsoft see presentation

-Mr. Jad Rizk, Presales Manager, Webb Fontaine Group see presentation


Session C2: Facilitating trade and preventing fraud through Customs-to-Customs sharing of data


- Mr. Viboon Chaojirapant, GM, Government Solutions, GUUD (International) Pte Ltd see presentation

- Ms. Maiko Miyake, TFWA Program Manager, World Bank see presentation

- Ms. Teo Angie, Head of International Relations Singapore Customs see presentation


Session D2: Ensuring the transition of the global economy towards sustainable and greener supply chains through technology


-Mr. Herman Wagter, Program Manager, Topsector Logistiek see presentation

-Mr. John Bescec, Chair of ICC’s Global Customs and Trade Facilitation see presentation

-Dr. Toni Männistö, Head of Research, Cross-Border Research Association (CBRA) see presentation


16.00 – 16.45/Breakout sessions


Session A3: Delving into the benefits and risks of working in a cloud environment


-Mr. Nawar Faek, Global Delivery Lead in Customs, Borders and Trade, Netcompany-Intrasoft see presentation

-Mr. David Taylor, Science and Technology, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), United States see presentation

-Mr. Neolúcio de Vasconcelos, Infrastructure Coordinator, Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil see presentation


Session B3: Reshaping Customs operations with new technologies


-Mr. Robert Bos, Deputy General Manager of Nuctech Netherlands see presentation

-Mr. Geoff Clelland, Sales Director, GScan see presentation

-Mr. Michael Doherty, detection technology expert and ENTRANCE Project partner see presentation


Session C3: Exploring Members' approaches to research and innovation


-Mr. Larry Liza, Director of ROCB ESA see presentation

-Mr. Shinji Oda, Deputy Director in charge of WCO affairs, International Cooperation Division, Customs and Tariff Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Japan see presentation

-Mr. Giulio Maria Mancini, Policy Officer, EU border management innovation policy, DG Home, European Commission see presentation


Session D3: Discovering the opportunities that technology can offer to women in trade


-Ms. Katie Wong, Accenture’s Global Lead for Single Trade Window and Trade Platforms see presentation

-Ms. Anoush der Boghossian, Head of the Trade and Gender Unit, Founder and Chair of the WTO Gender Research Hub, WTO see presentation

- Ms. Melissa Odegaard, Director, Marketing, S2 Global see presentation



Thursday, 20 October

9.00 – 9.10/Keynote speech

- Ms. Valentina Ion, Director Strategy Public Finance Industry, Microsoft, Conference Platinum sponsor see presentation


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