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Hackathon: Do you want to pitch to the WCO and be part of the solution of future global trade and logistics?

This Hackathon offers a pressure cooker environment for creative solutions and exploring new ways of cooperation between international logistic companies and customs organizations. It is also an excellent opportunity to apply the WCO Data Model to actual data and logistics operations.
The outcome should be a viable proof of concepts on the various challenges, but getting up close and personal with fellow developers and peers from all over the world is highly encouraged. It should be fun while working on very real topics!


When and where?

October 19th MECC in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Award Ceremony will be on Thurday October 20th  



Two challenges to choose from



  1. Data interoperability

    Within the logistics field there are numerous sources of data describing traffic flows and transported goods. Each data source is designed for its intended purpose, which is a limiting factor when using data for different purposes. The goal of this challenge is to bridge the gap between different data sets and re-purpose different data sets for customs purposes, or re-purpose customs data for different goals.
  2. Combining public domain information to enrich customs data

    A plethora of data is available in the public domain which can be supportive to customs processes and fulfil customs’ needs. It can add value to the data already submitted to customs for import or export declarations, and can be used in logistic and customs processes in order to gain knowledge and shorten Customs evaluation time. The goal of this challenge is to mix and match public domain data with customs data to enhance the clearance process.


What’s to win?

The winning team is  going  to pitch their idea to the WCO and thus win a chance to be a part of future developments in 
collaboration with the WCO.


We can welcome a total of 100 participants in teams of 3 to 5 each. Participation is free of charge, but advance registration is required.  We welcome teams of all backgrounds (both commercial and non-commercial), and specially want to invite academic teams. Food and drinks will be provided during the day. However the cost of travel and accommodation (if required) is not included.

More information and contact

For inquiries please contact Mitchell Out (Customs Administration of the Netherlands) or the WCO event organization.


Learn & Be Inspired

The WCO Technology exhibition will showcase the most  cutting-edge technologies and developments from more than 50 exhibitors. The conference will benefit from R&D presentations from academic institutes, in-depth discussions, the latests 
developments and innovations in the use of data and algorithms and unveiling the potential of blockchain for Customs.


Amazing Location

Maastricht is a dream setting place and cradle of hospitality. With an extensive culinary and cultural offering, it is also a city with rich history. It offers every visitor the welcome opportunity to enjoy a pleasant, relaxed moment, even outside the walls of MECC Maastricht.


Share & Connect

Perfect place to look for answers, to be inspired and to build sustainable relationships. Attend our inspirational talks with professionals from different fields, and engage in captivating conversations with like-minded souls, or simply enjoy a wholesome dose of useful knowledge sharing.


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