2010 National SBIR Conference
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Date: April 20, 2010
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: CT Convention Center
Cost: $125 for anyone attending the full SBIR National Conference (Tracks 1-2)
Cost: $195 to attend the Pre-Conference Only (Tracks 1-2)
Track 3 Cost: $195 includes workbook ($60 value)
This day includes a networking luncheon, snacks, and beverages.

Join us for a Full Day pre-conference workshop facilitated by Kathy McAfee, America’s Marketing Motivator. Kathy will introduce you to new tools and techniques that will help you plan, design and deliver your next presentation with greater results!
The Challenge: You have a great new technology that will solve problems and create new opportunities. But you are unsure how to communicate that idea and present your data in a manner that will engage your audience and motivate them to action -- without all the PowerPoint clutter.
The Solution: Learn the essential fundamentals of "high engagement presentations" and reduce your reliance on PowerPoint and other technical crutches that reduce your impact. Discover the many creative ways that you can communicate your key message and leave your audience wanting more.
Who Should Participate?
·       Technical professionals and subject matter experts who present frequently to non-technical audiences
·       Business owners who represent their companies, introduce and present their technology products and services to others
·       Entrepreneurs who must present their ideas and persuade others to help them to commercialize
·       Engineers and researchers who need to work on their communication skills and presentation confidence
·       Sales, Marketing and Management professionals who wish to advance their presentation skills and effectiveness.
Here’s What You’ll Learn by Attending this Workshop:
1.    What it means to be a "high engagement presenter"
2.    How to avoid the most common presentation pitfalls
3.    How to sharpen your presentation focus using the planning tool -- Clean Sheet Thinking™
4.    Why you must strengthen your key message -- the single most important aspect of your presentation
5.    How to engage your audience by organizing the content of your presentation
6.    How to hook your audience with a powerful opening and closing
7.    How to deliver powerfully and connect with your audience by leveraging your words, voice and body language

The Defense Department awarded $2,272 MM of SBIR and STTR contracts to about 3,300 small businesses in 2008. This Workshop presents how your firm can participate in this funding in a pragmatic, “nuts and bolts” approach. More importantly, you will learn how to maximize your return on investment of time and effort to prepare winning proposals to fund your company’s products, services and technology development goals.
The Workshop format features a number of speakers from successful SBIR participants, DoD prime contractors, DoD reviewers, and proposal writing specialists who will share their knowledge and experience with you. To be successful, it is important that you understand how each of these “constituencies” views and contributes to the SBIR program, and how to best collaborate or address their specific objectives and concerns. Panel speakers all have long experience in the DoD SBIR program, many for more than 20 years, and they will provide useful and valuable insights.
Who Should Participate:  Newcomers to the DoD SBIR process will learn proposal writing essentials -- the relationship with your TPOC, the contents of your commercialization plan, support letters, and other key strategies.  Experienced winners will learn strategies to leverage their Phase II wins into Phase III contracts throughout DoD, as well as make new and important DoD, large company and small business contacts. 
New: Jane Goldsmith has agreed to be our "Reviewer in Residence". She will review and critique your proposals on site, at no charge, if you attend this workshop.


The Challenge: Small and medium-size businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs are the foundation of our country’s economic strength. To be effective, leaders must have a clear understanding of the economic trends and indicators that influence the economy. 

What Will be Covered:  Please join us for a pre-conference workshop where industry experts will present a comprehensive assessment of the aerospace industry across the nation and around the world with a special focus on New England.  The emphasis will be on manufacturing, and will include comparisons of hundreds of firms by product, service and performance for both military and commercial markets. Based on an extensive analysis of economic and financial data, this workshop will also address the outlook for the future.  If you are concerned about the state of the aerospace industry, you will not want to miss this event. Join us at this pre-conference workshop and become part of a national mission to restore our aerospace industrial base.

What Participants Receive: All will receive a booklet of detailed data on aerospace manufacturing in New England, and a copy of the Aerospace Economic Report and Outlook for 2010.  This is a $60 value.

Cost: $195