2010 National SBIR Conference
The Poster Show
- Day Two's Evening Gala Event

Just Announced: One lucky winner will be awarded a new, Apple iPad for best poster entry! 
WIN an Apple iPad!
Technology companies and universities are invited to showcase their products, services and technologies in an evening activity designed to support commercialization. This event engages all attendees: investors, service providers, universities, large companies etc. We provide free poster templates (below) and free poster reviews/critiques  -- if given enough time.

Who Will Be Attending?
This evening activity, including a cash bar and hors d'oevres, is open to all attendees at no additional cost. There is a fee, however, to exhibit.  We are anticipating 100 - 150 exhibitors.
As a poster exhibitor you will be showcasing your technology/products/services to small businesses, SBIR agencies, other government agencies, universities, large companies (potential industry partners), service providers and INVESTORS. 
What Does It Cost to Exhibit?
The cost for exhibiting is an additional $100 per organization (only one attendee per company needs to pay the additional $100).
What Do You Need to Bring?
We will have an easel for you, markers, push pins and a backing board. If you come with a rolled up poster -- you can use the push pins we provide to attach your poster to the backing board. We suggest this solution as it provides the easiest way to travel with your poster. We also suggest you bring brochures, small products/prototypes/components, and plenty of business cards.
We recommend a poster that is sized 2 feet by 3 feet or so.  The actual backing of the foam core board that your poster will be tacked to is:
32” tall by 40” wide or
40" tall by 32" wide 
Poster Show Award
Judges will be walking the floor the night of the Poster Show. We will be presenting an award to the BEST TECHNOLOGY -- an Apple iPad.
Other Suggestions
Rather than feature the complexities of your technology, we suggest you focus on the benefits of your technology, product or service. What's in it for the customer??? If your poster is too technical or too busy you may not make the most of this opportunity. Additionally, consider attending our Pre-Conference Workshop on April 20th that will focus on pitching to investors. Make the most out of your poster show experience.

Templates - Just a Suggested Format!!

Poster Template: PowerPoint
Poster Template PDF

Help With Your Poster
Our staff will review and critique your poster if you give us enough time! This service is free to attendees who choose to exhibit!

Poster Show

Poster Show 2
These photos were taken at our 2008 SBIR National Conference