2010 National SBIR Conference



1.  What is the difference between "Speed Dating" and One-on-Ones?  

1.  In "Speed Dating" people are seated randomly at tables for networking.  Every 8 minutes or so, a person meets someone new. This activity is for ALL attendees.  No special registration is necessary.  Simply "show up" for the activity and you can participate.

Our "one-on-ones" are scheduled meetings with large companies and government agencies.  Only technology companies, entrepreneurs, and innovative manufacturers are eligible for this activity.  It is part of the registration process -- so you must schedule these in advance.  The meetings are private.  We suggest you sign up for these early so that you receive a slot.

2.  How does "Speed Dating" work?


2.  We seat people at long tables. When a bell rings -- on one side of the table the group is instructed to remain seated while the other side is instructed to move down one seat (facing a new person). The bell sounds, every 8 minutes or so, and signals all attendees to engage in conversation with the next person seated across from them.  It’s easier than it sounds – and “motivates” people to network. 

3.  How can I prepare for "Speed Dating" or "One-on-One Meetings?"   3.  We encourage attendees to have a short “elevator speech” prepared so that each person has the opportunity to showcase their products or technologies – and quickly get to the point.  Bring lots of business cards and marketing materials to this 2-hour event.  And when you find someone you would like to speak with later in more depth – get their business card and plan to continue the conversation.
 4.  I'm not great at networking or preparing an elevator speech, for that matter.  Can you offer anything to help me?   4.  Yes.  Attend one of our pre-conference workshops.  Our "Perfect your Pitch" provides sound, fundamental advice on networking and creating an elevator pitch.  Our workshop for the Poster Show is similar to a "boot camp" for helping you pitch to investors.  Both workshops have received excellent reviews at past conferences.
 5.  Are meals provided at the conference?    5.  In addition to snacks and drinks, you can expect breakfast, lunch and an evening reception on Day 1.  The same for Day 2.  We finish before lunch on Day 3 -- but there will be breakfast and snacks.
 6.  How can I see the schedule for my one-on-one meetings?    6. Your schedule will be given to you on site at the registration desk and cannot be provided earlier.  We use the week prior to the conference to create the complex schedule for hundreds of attendees.  For the same reason we cannot change them or entertain requested time slots.
 7.  Is there free parking at the CT Convention Center?    7.  No -- but we do subsidize the parking with a discount coupon that you will receive at registration
 8.  Which hotel is the closest to the CT Convention Center?    8.  The Marriott is the closest, and is connected to the Convention Center.
 9.  If I park in another hotel how do I get to the CT Convention Center?  Is there a shuttle service?  Do I take a taxi?    9.  The "Star Shuttle" circles throughout downtown Hartford and will stop at Hartford hotels. It is free. 
 10.  What is the Government Rate?    10.  Government employees receive a discounted rate at hotels of $112 per night.
 11.  When will I receive my schedule for the one-on-one appointments that I have set?    11.  We put these schedules together one week prior to the event.  You will receive your schedule in your registration package on a slip of paper inside your badge holder.
 12.  May I just attend the poster show?    12.  We have a discounted "Day Two Only" $195 registration fee if you would like to come April 22nd.  However, if you would like to exhibit with a poster, there is an additional $100 per company.  In other words, only one attendee per company needs to pay the exhibit fee.