2010 National SBIR Conference
11 Federal SBIR Agencies


Who's Coming?
All 11 federal SBIR agencies are expected to come to this National conference.  Each agency will provide overviews of their unique programs -- as well as provide strategies to win SBIR grants. 

The 11 agencies have different missions and different sets of problems that need to be solved.  They look to small businesses to solve these problems -- and have more than $2 billion to distribute each year.

How Can You Win A Grant?
A company cannot win a grant from a particular agency without a comprehensive understanding of what is important to that organization.  Understanding its mission, what needs it has, how important it values commercialization, and what market is important to each is critical to winning. 

All In One Place
Having an opportunity to meet one-on-one with the agencies is a fundamental part of this Conference.  During the registration process you will have an opportunity to set up a one-on-one meeting with agencies.  Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to have all 11 agencies in one place. This is their conference.  They come with the expressed purpose of meeting with small businesses to discuss how they can work with you. 

We recommend you listen to the agencies.  They will tell you what they are looking for -- and they will tell you how to win.  This information is priceless.


 Watch Deb's Short Video

NIH - National Institutes of Health
DOD - Dept of Defense
(Army, Air Force, Navy, DARPA, DLA, SOCOM, MDA etc.)
DOE - Dept of Energy
NSF - National Science Foundation
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
DOT - Dept of Transportation
DOEd - Dept of Education
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
DHS - Dept of Homeland Security
DOC - Dept of Commerce
DOA - Dept of Agriculture