2010 National SBIR Conference

Testimonials From Letters Received
After Our 2008 SBIR National Conference
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"As a direct result of this Conference (2008 National SBIR Conference in Hartford) we have found a couple of very interesting opportunities for new technologies pertaining to our stainless steel product line as well as potential new customers for our core products."
Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals, Inc.
"Our attendance at the 2008 National SBIR Conference generated over thirty interviews with small businesses having partnering potential. A third of those have developed into a business relationship."
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
"We at Pratt & Whitney see benefit provided by these SBIR companies and we seek to partner with them at every opportunity."
Pratt & Whitney
"Thank you for the dedicated work you put into the 2008 SBIR National Conference. We are looking forward to opportunities as a result of the connections made during this National SBIR Conference."
Raytheon Missile Systems
"Even as an out-of-state organization we have significantly benefited from attending this meeting.  We were able to establish a number of contacts through the one-on-one meetings with companies such as General Dynamics, Sikorsky, Pratt and Whitney, as well as Schlumberger, Northrop Grumman and Brookhaven Labs.  These connections will help us do our job -- which is to make connections for many of the New York State SBIR Phase II companies that we are helping to commercialize.  Overall, it was a great experience."
The Tech Garden
"The SBIR Conference in Hartford was a world class event.  It was difficult to take three days out of my extremely busy schedule -- I was planning to take 6 hours of my time only.  I thought it would be impossible.  But with interesting speakers and Primes I found myself attending all three days.  It was a well thought through and well run event."
Liquid Piston

Dear Merrie,
It was a pleasure to talk with you today and to learn that the National SBIR conference will be in Hartford this coming April.  Based on our experience last year at this conference that you organized, we will definitely attend again.  You are free to use the contents of this email however you choose.
As you know, we scheduled a number of one on one conferences with companies we thought would be interested in our identification/authentication technology.  One of the companies was Lockheed Martin, and we were elated that they called us about two weeks after our meeting and requested that we join with them in an SBIR solicitation for the Navy.  They provided us with a letter of support, and we were selected by the Navy as one of three prime contractors for this SBIR.  We are currently closing in on our third and final report to the Navy from which we hope we will be selected to produce a prototype for the Navy in Phase 2 of this SBIR.   Should  we be selected for Phase 2, the funds generated will allow us to hire additional staff to work with outside vendors as well as to  augment development internally for this important project.  If the prototype is accepted,  our technology is targeted to be deployed on 104 ships and 150,000 Navy personnel under the guidance of Lockheed Martin as prime contractor for this commercialization phase.  Needless to say, had we not attended your conference, we would never have had the opportunity to make this important connection to Lockheed Martin.
Thank you for providing to us and others this valuable opportunity to showcase our collective technologies.
Best regards,
Scott S. A. Coby
Triad Biometrics LLC

"Last year’s National SBIR Conference in Hartford was a success for our company.  The atmosphere at the conference is fantastic; people are willing to listen and are open for new business.   We were able to establish relationships with multiple companies; these connections have led to ongoing collaborations which are continuing to grow.  This would not have happened if we had not attended the conference.  Many thanks."
Founder – Open Innovators