2010 National SBIR Conference

Social Networking PRIOR to the Conference

With an anticipated 1000 attendees coming to Hartford for the annual 2010 SBIR National Conference, networking BEFORE the event may contribute to a more effective outcome. As you register, relevant information will automatically be added to your profile page -- in other words you do not have to add the same information twice!  Later, you can always go back and edit the page if you would like to make changes.

Who is Eligible?
·         Registered small technology companies: including start-ups, entrepreneurs, incubator companies etc.
·         Registered small innovative manufacturers
·         Registered SBIR Agencies
·         Registered sponsors
Benefits/Features - Network with other Attendees:
·         Keyword search
·         Automated company profile
·         Company contact
·         Secure email interface 
Instructions -- How to Log On to the Social Networking/Interactive Site:
The interactive website can be accessed from the following link:
In order to access the site, you must have selected yes to taking part in the  Interactive Website when you  registered for the conference.  If you had not originally selected the choice, you can modify  your registration by clicking here: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/index.php?eventid=7700
To login to the Interactive Website, enter your email address and reference number.
Your reference number can be found on your confirmation email.  When you get on the main page, you may need to scroll down before  you begin to see the names of the individuals and companies that have also joined the site.  You can use the search box by inputting key words of what technologies you may be interested in trying to find within the company list and descriptions. 
 A detail tab is located next to each registrant .  This tab will provide additional information and descriptions of each company.  You may also use this tab to send correspondence to company contacts.  Once you click on the detail tab, further down the information listing is an area that  you can send a message to the individual by clicking on “Contact this company.”