HIMSS Europe CIO Summit 2015
HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6&7 Club
HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6&7 Club

The EMRAM Stage 6 & 7 Club has been created by HIMSS Europe to engage and manage the European Stage 6 & 7 community. This is an exclusive group for former recognised hospitals and future candidates to network, exchange business cases and get inspired by peers and HIT leaders.

The Stage 6 & 7 Club is the showcase of the best practices in the implementation of health IT, HIMSS wants to provide the right environment for these leaders to strengthen workflow and empower outcomes in this field.

This year, the Stage 6&7 Club is the HIMSS Europe CIO Summit's key partner. The Club members have come together to decide on the content and structure of this two day annual event.

Too see all Stage 6 & 7 Hospitals in Europe and to know more about the Club, please click here.