HIMSS Europe CIO Summit 2015
Should you attend?

CIOs & IT Directors

  • Share real and practical experiences with leading European Hospital CIOs and learn from each other’s successes and challenges
  • Experience the daily success stories and challenges of two top European hospitals through our private Hospital Tours: access the latest and most innovative IT solutions and come away with valuable learnings
  • Keep up to date with European data: take note of the latest developments on the implementation of EMRAM in Europe and see where your hospital is ranking

Hospital Management

  • Understand how to unlock the true value of data to support service redesign
  • Learn valuable lessons about ROI and how to justify IT spending in hospitals
  • Gain insights on how the role of a CIO can influence patient flow in a hospital

Vendors & Industry

  • Meet the top CIOs from the most innovative hospitals in Europe and develop relationships with key stakeholders
  • Educate an extremely targeted audience holding key positions from the most advanced healthcare IT regions in Europe and abroad
  • Be ahead of what is next in European healthcare IT from best practices, practical solutions and cutting edge developments to enhance your product and country strategy

HIMSS Communities

  • Dutch: The fastest growing community at the moment cannot miss this CIO gathering. Educate delegates on how The Netherlands has achieved a HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 Hospital and exchange knowledge with other key regions
  • French: After the launch of the French eHealth Exchange in Montpellier, the whole of the Healthcare IT Community in Europe is waiting to hear about French best practices and current challenges: come and share it with the most influential gathering
  • Ibero-American: This is your chance to share knowledge about eHealth in the Ibero-American region. With the highest number of EMRAM Stage 6 & 7 hospitals in Europe, this conversation is more relevant than ever
  • Nordic: The Nordic Community has been a role model to be followed others - share your knowledge and expertise and learn from your European neighbours Stage 6&7: Be part of the birth of the new EMRAM 2.0 model and understand the global approach to electronic medical records