HIMSS Europe CIO Summit 2015
2015 Presentations
Presenter Presentation Title
José Pedro Almeida Opening Keynote: How to Leverage Data to Manage and Save Lives? – A Worldwide Award Winning Solution - pdf 3.7 mb
Balaji R. Krishnapuram Transforming Health: How Data is Re-Orienting Care Systems Around the Individual - pdf 1 mb
Christian Wolf Enabling Health IT in Hospitals and Networks - Next Generation Archiving Solution - pdf 3 mb
Greg Adams Data in the Service of the Patient: Improving Patient Outcomes and Patient Safety with Better Data - pdf 0.5 mb
John P. Hoyt Session 1: European Hospitals EMRAM Maturity Overview - pdf 0.5 mb
  Session 2: Healthcare IT SMEs: What are the sector's pioneers working on? - pdf 3 mb
Burak Uzkan Uzkan, Dr Maziar Mohaddes, Franca Goffredo. Session 3: Meet Some of the Most Innovative Hospitals - pdf 1 mb
Edgardo Pino, Mojalefa Lekoto,Mahir Ulgu. Session 4: Future Investments in Healthcare: Where are Hospitals and Countries investing? - pdf 1 mb
Serkan Atagün,Morten Elbæk Petersen, Yossi Cohen, Hyleco Nauta. Session 5: Patient Portals: What are the Outcomes? - pdf 3 mb
Pilar Raro, Ramón Lerchundi Goñi HIMSS French Community: EMRAM & Hôpital Numérique - pdf 800 kb

Presentations from Hospital Tours

Language Presentation Title
English Hospital Tour Hospital La Fe, Valencia (HIMSS Stage 6) - pdf 2 mb