HIMSS Europe CIO Summit 2015
HIMSS Communities

The HIMSS Europe CIO Summit will be a key annual meeting point for all members of HIMSS Communities. Our Dutch, French, Ibero-American and Nordic eHealth Exchanges represent the commitment of certain individuals and organisations to the HIMSS Vision: the betterment of healthcare through IT. This year, the CIO Summit in Hospital La Fe, Valencia, is partnering with all these communities, offering a platform for our members to come together to exchange knowledge and share experiences.

HIMSS French Community logo

It is your time to play an important role within the HIMSS Communities. After the launch of the French eHealth Exchange in Montpellier, the whole of the Healthcare IT Community in Europe is waiting to hear about the French point of view: come and share it with us! We would like to give you a very warm welcome to your first ever gathering with our other HIMSS Communities and hope to see you there!

HIMSS Ibero-American Community logo

HIMSS Europe launched the Ibero-American eHealth Exchange in 2014. This community is aimed at Ibero-American healthcare and IT professionals from both the public and private sector and has the mission of creating a knowledge transfer between all stakeholders striving towards the same goal of delivering better healthcare through IT.

This year, at the HIMSS Europe CIOSummit 2015, the HIMSS Ibero-American eHealth Exchange will have the unique opportunity to meet and network with their fellow colleagues from the Ibero-American region, as well as the whole Europe. With an exclusively dedicated Ibero-American Track, this is the chance for the whole of Europe to discover and learn about digital hospitals in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. See the full programme here.

HIMSS Nordic Community logo

As the longest standing HIMSS Community and having experienced so many HIMSS events, workshops and study trips, the Nordic eHealth Exchange is being looked upon as one of the exemplary communities and a role model to be followed. Come and share your knowledge and expertise with your fellow European Communities in a magnificent Valencian hospital where you too will be able to learn from best practices in Spain, the country with the most EMRAM Awarded Stage 6&7 Hospitals in Europe.