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Wednesday 14th Septmber 2022

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Mobile ECMO

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy 



Critical Care Transport: Cancelled

Mobile ECMO

Leads:  Gail Faulkner, ECMO Coordinator, Neonatal, Paediatric & Adult ECMO Service

Chris Harvey, ECMO Consultant and EMCHC ECMO Director

Claire Westrope, Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care and ECMO Clinical lead for PIC

Emily Ward - Senior ECMO Specialist

Leicester prides itself in being a lead provider of mobile ECMO.

This workshop will provide the delegate with a unique and exclusive opportunity to witness our mobile ECMO team in action!

Get up-close and personal in a simulated The Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) to get a feel for why teamwork and communication play a vital role in successful mobile ECMO. 

This workshop is open to all medical, nursing and allied health professionals working in or alongside paediatric critical care with an interest in ECMO or critical care transport. 

Key Learning Objectives:
1. To gain insight into the intricacies of transferring a patient on ECMO and the relevant equipment from the referring centre onto the TCAA stretcher.

2. To observe and experience loading of the stretcher into a simulated TCAA helicopter environment.

3. To consider and learn about potential troubleshooting tips at base and inflight.

4. To gain understanding of what to expect from the TCAA and Mobile ECMO team; and how to assist and prepare for their arrival.

5. To learn about safety concepts pertaining to safe transfer on ECMO including helicopter

Spaces are limited to 10 per workshop.

The Workshop will be run at 14.00. 

Registration Fee:  £80.00


Supported by an educational grant from: 

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) 

Leads: Fiona Taylor, Senior Sister in CPICU, University Hospitals Of Leicester NHS Trust

Kate Peace, Renal Critical Care Educator; East Midlands, East of England and South Yorkshire

Akash Deep, Director -Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, King's College Hospital, & Professor in Paediatric Critical Care, King's College London


This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding for the effective utilisation of CRRT in critically ill children including anticoagulation. This will be achieved by using practice based learning, interactive case-based scenarios and group exercises. The Baxter PrisMax machine will be used for this workshop.

The workshop is open to all medical and nursing staff that have an interest in CRRT and will be a great opportunity to improve their daily practice, acquire new perspectives and share experience with peers.

Key Learning Aims/Objectives:
1. Understand fundamentals and underlying concepts of CRRT including indications and timing for therapy initiation.

2. Learn about the process for decision-making when prescribing and delivering CRRT.

3. Practical exposure to machine set-up, troubleshooting common alarms and monitoring.

4. To learn about the use of citrate anticoagulation in the paediatric population on CRRT.

5. To appreciate the use of CRRT whilst on ECMO and how this would work practically.

6. To consider potential challenges during treatment

Spaces are limited to 20 per workshop.

The Workshop will be run at 14.00. 

Registration Fee:  £80.00

Supported by an educational grant from: 


Course Full - waiting list available

Convenor: Dusan Raffaj, Cons Paed Intensivist,  Children’s Hospital Nottingham,    Notthingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

CACTUS is a bespoke PCCS endorsed and accredited programme, formed of 2 parts. This pre-conference workshop forms the first part of this.

This workshop involves hands-on opportunities with live patients (where possible) in small groups of 4 delegates working through 6 stations exploring the value of bedside point of care ultrasound to complement clinical assessment. This is a whole day course.

This workshop is aimed at medical, nursing and allied health professionals working in paediatric critical care environments.   (PIC/PEM/Paediatrics/NIC)

 Learning Aims/Objectives:
1. Basic physics of ultrasound, probe selection and image optimisation.

2. The use of ultrasound as an adjunct to clinical assessment of the various systems:

a. Lung examination – assessing in respiratory failure, excluding pneumothorax, assessing for pleural effusion and pulmonary oedema
b. Heart examination – child in shock; cardiac function, intravascular volume assessment.
c. Abominal examination – free fluid in the abdomen, urinary bladder assessment.

3. To learn tips and tricks to obtain vascular access and line insertion.

4. The delegate will be declared “Novice” on the CACTUS accreditation pathway and will be able to continue developing subsequent competency through practical skill acquisition and being mentored in POCUS in their home institution or on a specific fellowship.

 Faculty members include:
Michael Griksaitis PICU Consultant, Southampton Children's Hospital
Patrick Davies, PICU Consultant, Nottingham Children's Hospital
Bogdana Zoica , PICU Consultant, Kings College Hospital
Avishay Sarfatti, PICU Consultant, Oxford Children's Hospital
Peter Shires, POCUS Fellow, Southampton Children's Hospital
Julia Vujcikova, Consultant PICU, University Hospitals Leicester
Dusan Raffaj, PICU Consultant, Nottingham Children's Hospital

Spaces are limited to 24 for the workshop.

The Workshop will be run at 08.30 to 17.00. Refreshments are included

Registration Fee:  £180.00


Regretfully - this session has been cancelled.


Comet Critical Care Transport Workshop: 



Regretfully - this session has been cancelled.