Paediatric Critical Care Society Statement on Climate Change


PCCS recognises the role it has to play in action against Climate Change and the developing policy aims are available on the PCC Society's website.

As child health professionals, PCCS members have a duty both to mitigate the health impact of climate change and to advocate for the wellbeing of children.  

Contributing to this, PCCS is asking delegates to reduce the carbon effects of attending the Annual Scientific Meeting. 

All conference delegates will be given the opportunity to make a voluntary, positive environmental contribution of £10.00 towards planting forests in the UK on Registration. 

Please consider donating £10 as a climate-positive contribution.  All donations will go towards the purchase of a climate-positive gift from on behalf of PCCS. 

Our Conference Secretariat is also approaching all the conferences they are involved in to reduce 'carbon' use and encourage sustainable activity within the delivery of events, working with all contractors including venues.

PCCS Council have chosen to support the work of   working in partnership with:

Protect Earth

........and in particular support the planting of forests in the UK. The project information can be revirewed here