PIC & Mix

Innovative differences in conferencing

A novel concept for 2022!

If you fancy trying something new, different, or just wanting to take a little bit of time out and interact more intimately, PIC & Mix is right for you. 
Featuring, industry sponsored workshops including NHSBT Organ Donation Workshops and Simulations with professional actors and an opportunity to learn and practice new skills. 
Troubleshoot equipment and clinical skills in bite-sized chunks, to suit your level of interest.
Or, simply choose to switch off, relax and melt your stresses away, ready to take on the next bites of educational content. 
Booking Instructions
The PIC & Mix workshops run alongside Parallel Sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4 only, and allow you the opportunity to slip back into the main programme at the half way point during these sessions. 

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 Featuring (see below for details):

Clinical Races, Sleep Pod / Massage, 

SPACE Race,  

VR Cardiac anatomy,  Pharmacy

Tag Rugby Festival and Escape Room, 

Organ Donation Conversation and Organ Donation Workshops, 



Thursday's Pic & Mix Choices

Restworks Powernap Zone

Try out for 20 minutes the Sleep Pod between your chosen programme and feel the benefits: use the PCCS Conference App to book your session. OR just come and have a look and see how our equipment can benefit your team.

Please book via the PCCS App

Restworks provides workplace sleep technology and rest facilities such as massage chairs and nap pods.

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Massage Chair

Restworks can equip your office with top, warranty approved commercial massage chairs. Each of our products represents the state of the art when it comes to massage chair technology. Try  solutions here

Hosted by: Sleepwing Ltd (Metronaps UK).

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Clinical Races

Enter as a team or as individuals. 

Simulated every day critical care activities with a twist and competitive edge. This could include but is not limited to:-

1. Blindfolded intubation, guided by a colleague using video laryngoscopy

2. Setting up a ventilator & humidifier from nearly scratch

3. Packaging a patient for transfer to urgent CT – under pressure. 

How strong are your endotracheal tube tapes? Will they stand up to the test?

Lead host: Ruth  Joyce, Clinical Nurse Educator, Heather Barritt, Clinical Educator, Helena Turner, Senior Sister CICU

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SPACE Experience – Sensory & Physical Activitiy Completed Early on PICU 


What  will participants benefit from the session?

Understanding what risks need to be considered when moving a patient out of bed.

Understanding how many people are required for rehabilitation activities on ICU.

Through the use of the original piece of music, understand the different sensory experiences and emotions PICU patients experience and how this adds to their anxiety and stress.

Focus on Sensory and Physical Activity Completed Early.

Set Up

The room will be set up with equipment present in the PICU environment, such as a ventilator, IV attachments and ?ECMO machine.

The delegates will be split into 2 groups and take part in a SPACE Race. One group will need to mobilise a patient out of the cot into a specialist seat with all attachments and patient secure and the second group will need to transfer the patient with all attachments back into the cot.

The delegates will complete the race whilst listening to an original piece of music through headphones which will demonstrate the “sounds of PICU” and all the different emotions that our patients may go through.

Hosts: Rakhee Pau, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist 
Joanna Dukes, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Paediatrics
Samantha Mead, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist 

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NHSBT Organ Donation Workshops 

Introduction: a series of 4 workshops repeated on both Thursday and Friday

A: Organ and Tissue Donation: Understanding the Process – An interactive session which will explore the whole process of organ donation from the initial consideration and notification to the organ donation team through to post donation care and family support. 

B: Paediatric Notification Practice: A New Process: This session looks at the development of new practices which are aimed to align with paediatric end of life care practices. Ensuring families are given all end-of-life care options in parallel. 

C: Determination of Death by Neurological Criteria (DDNC):  a look at new guidance on determining death by neurological criteria. The sessions will give a practical work through and discussion regarding the new guidance with a focus on practicalities, considerations and challenges that maybe faced. 

D: Optimisation of Potential Paediatric Organ Donors:  An interactive session which focuses on supporting clinical teams to ensure that we can maximise the gift of organ donation.

Programme: Sessions run in the morning and the afternoon.
10.30/14.05: Organ and Tissue Donation: understanding the process.
10.55/14.30: Changeover
11.00/14.35: Paediatric Notification Practice: a new process.

11.35/15.10: DDNC
12.00/15.30: Changeover
12.05/15.35: Donor Optimisation

Places limited to 25

Please book via the PCCS App 

Lead: Stephanie Harrison, Specialist Nurse Organ Donation, University Hospitals of Leicester

Faculty: see NHS BT Organ Donation Communication Simulation






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NHS BT Organ Donation Communication Simulation 

Introduction: This course is split into 4 sessions run over two days.

A: Breaking Bad News incorporating an approach for Donation following Brain Death (DBD): An interactive session focused on communication between the clinical and Organ Donation Teams. Actors are used to simulate supporting a family while delivering bad news and end of life care options following the determination of brain death diagnosis. 

B: Offering a family the option for Organ Donation in End-of-Life Care Planning: An interactive session that uses actors to simulate the practice of offering families, whose child is dying the opportunity for organ donation in parallel with other end of life care options. 

Programme: Session run in the morning and the afternoon.

10.30/12.05: Breaking Bad News

12.05/15.10: Offering families the option for Organ Donation in End-of-Life Care Planning

Places limited to 6

Please book via the PCCS App 

Lead: Stephanie Harrison, Specialist Nurse Organ Donation, University Hospitals of Leicester

Faculty: Angie Scales, Lead Nurse: Paediatric & Neonatal Donation & Transplantation – NHS Blood and Transplant, Sam Bradshaw, Professional Development Specialist – NHS Blood and Transplant, Sarah Mason, Professional Development Specialist – NHS Blood and Transplant, xxxxxxx, National Professional Development Specialist – NHS Blood and Transplant, Tracey Price, Professional Development Specialist – NHS Blood and Transplant, Sarah Plant, Professional Development Specialist – NHS Blood and Transplant, Hannah Bartlett-Syree, Team Manager - NHS Blood and Transplant.

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Hamilton Ventilation

A: An interactive simulation session to demonstrate obstructive lung physiology and strategies to ventilate a patient with obstructive lung pathology

B: An interactive simulation session to demonstrate restrictive lung physiology and strategies to ventilate a patient with restrictive lung pathology. 

14.05:  Ventilation - Obstructed
15.30:  Changeover
14.35:  Ventilation - Restricted

13.35:  Ventilation – Lung Recruitment


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Lead: Matthew McRandal

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Pharmacy Clinic

A series of workshops aimed at doctors and nurses to have an interactive session with senior clinical PICU pharmacists to answer questions about:-



Workshop A.      Penance for mycins :  An interactive workshop exploring the effects and monitoring of vancomycin, gentamicin and erythromycin?

 Workshop B. Nappies or Pipes - where have my drugs gone?
Anything you need to know about the effects of drug handling in CRRT & ECMO circuits


Leads:  Sarah Wheeler, Senior Paediatric Pharmacist & Stephen Bennett, Advanced Specialist Paediatric Pharmacist.

Thursday 15th September 2022 only

Times:    Workshop A - 14.05pm and 15.10    and Workshop B - 14.35 and 15.40

Limited to 10 places each workshop.               Please book via the PCCS App

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