PIC & Mix

Innovative differences in conferencing

A novel concept for 2022!

What better way is there to celebrate a face-to-face conference with the opportunity to learn or practice a paediatric intensive care (PIC) skill and mix it up with personal wellbeing? 

The aim is to widen the appeal of the PCCS conference for those who really want to benefit from being there in person. This section allows delegates to pick and choose from a variety of small group workshops, relaxation treatments and competitive activities; yet seamlessly rotate back to the scientific streams. 

There will be ultimate relaxation, adrenaline-fueled activity, emotional communication simulations, practical skills including bronchoscopy and Leicester’s own designed scientific “Escape Room” challenges. 

These events are exclusive and there are limited in spaces to ensure a personalised experience. 

Pre- booking maybe required (see details to follow) is highly recommended to avoid disappointment!

 Featuring (details to follow):

Clinical Races, 

Bronchoscopy / Broncho-alveolar lavage, 

SPACE Race,  Tag Rugby Festival

VR Cardiac Anatomy, 

Motomed Races and Escape Room, 

Organ Donation Conversation and Organ Donation Workshops, 

Sleep Pod / Massage, 

Hot Steamy Yoga and Carbon Footprint Quiz