About the Conference

We are excited to convene in person for the first time in two years to once again provide you with an opportunity to explore the issues that are most important to you as global decision makers.  Chile is a perfect venue for these renewed conversations.  From deserts in the north to volcanoes in the south, it is a country celebrated for its exceptionally diverse and beautiful landscapes. But Chile is about much more than natural beauty.  It is about creativity, exploration and transformation. Chile is pushing forward global conversations on how countries are governed, how the built environment becomes more sustainable, and how existing technology can be used to accelerate decarbonization.  Join IWF as we immerse ourselves in Chile’s culture, accomplishments and prospects and consider their impacts around the world.


Featured Speakers


His Excellency Ricardo Lagos E. 

Former President of the Republic of Chile (2000-2006) and President of Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo  

Marta Lagos

Founding Director 

Latinobarómetro, MORI (Chile) S.A. 


Alejandro Aravena





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