Mike Butler
Wealth Building Coach

Mike Butler is the nation’s leading expert on how to buy investment property without using banks, money, credit, private lenders or partners along with how to put all of your rental properties on “auto-pilot.” Mike Butler has trained thousands of millionaires, gurus, and future millionaires to quickly achieve true financial independence with his systems by working smarter, not harder.

After achieving his own phenomenal success allowing him to retire early from his full-time job, Mike Butler now shares his proven systems to maximize your profit and income, including Tax Free Profit and Income for Life, while reducing your expenses and saving your precious and valuable time to pursue your passions in life.

Mike grew up in Louisville, Kentucky just blocks from the famous Churchill Downs and Kentucky Derby. He purchased his first house before he was 20 years old. He began a serious real estate investing career while working his full time job as an undercover police detective investigating murder for hire, contract killings, and organized crime. Mike was also on the bomb squad was a state certified instructor and master blaster.

Mike polished his very creative and unique communication strategies of “interviewing” suspected criminals into spilling the beans on absolutely everything they did along with the who, why, how, etc. because it made his job so much easier, faster, and efficient. He then took these very same expert skills and tweaked them to use in his real estate business. His results were outstanding. Mike learned how to identify a motivated seller in 90 seconds or less and always created a win-win situation with his sellers, tenants, borrowers, and buyers.

Mike Butler’s buying systems allowed him to quickly grow his rental property portfolio to hundreds in approximate 36 months. After developing and polishing his real estate investing systems, Mike continues to create and develop more hidden extra income streams not only for his business, but for high achievers too.

Mike is married to Beth and has two perfect daughters, Rachel and Melissa. (just ask them)


  • Buying Systems – Mike Butler purchased an average of 2.5 investment properties per week while working his full-time job as an undercover police detective.
  • Mike Butler has NEVER gone to a bank to ask permission to buy an investment property. Why? Because when Mike got started investing, he and his wife Tammy had less than $1,000 in his police officers credit union bank account. Back then, just like today, banks wanted 25% down or more to get a loan. Mike knew real estate would be his ticket to true financial freedom and he had to figure out how to buy investment property without using banks.
  • Follow Up – 41% of Mike’s deals results from follow up.
  • Landlording System – owned and operated 75+ rental properties while working full time job. (At this point, Mike hired a part time office person to work about 5 hours weekly in his basement office while he continued to grow his portfolio)
  • Office Operations – developer of the only complete system for real estate investors using QuickBooks Pro® - the “Investor Books Pro System with Tenant Tracking™” used by thousands of investors all over the world.
  • Asset Protection Plans – Mike, along with his expert attorney Harry Borders, developed a brain-dead simple asset protection plan with no need for out of state entities.

Honors & Accolades

  • Police Training Academy – voted President of class.
  • MONEY Magazine – featured in main article “Can Real Estate Make You Rich?”
  • #1 Best Seller Business Book on Amazon: “Landlording on Auto-Pilot”
  • UNITS Magazine - #1 magazine for multi-family owners – featured Mike’s “Rent Talk System”
  • Wall Street Journal Radio Network – 175 syndicated stations
  • Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Association (KREIA) – two term past president and still serves on board today.
  • National Real Estate Investors Association – served 3 years on board of directors
  • Kentucky Licensed Real Estate Broker – Vista Realtors and Vista Properties, Inc.
  • “Ed Melton Award” – 2004 recipient