In addition to six exciting power-training sessions with industry experts, you'll also receive the OneSource Real Estate University Binder, a comprehensive reference tool that wraps up all the content from every training module in one convenient place.

Creating Maximum Profits from
Investment Properties
Chuck Pupich

  • Top 10 Controllable Expenditures to Reduce Cost
  • Defining Your Individual Process Mapping to Maximize Rental Income
  • Collaborating With Others for Cost-Efficient Gains to Achieve Maximum Profits
  • Key Indicators for Quick “In-Flight Corrections” to Stay on a Profitable Course
  • Determining Resale Value of Your Real Estate Holdings Based on Cash Flow

Power Strategies: Building a Profitable
Real Estate Portfolio
Mike Butler

  • Analyzing Your Deals to Achieve Profit Objectives
    and Reduce Risk
  • Finding Investment Properties That Meet Your Portfolio Criteria
  • Multiple Funding Options
  • Structuring and Negotiating the Right Offer That Meets Your Profit Goal
  • Planning Your Exit Strategy

Secrets to Successful
Real Estate Marketing
Heidi Fore

  • Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For Buyers, Sellers and Lenders
  • Measuring Your Marketing Results and Efficiency
  • Proven Marketing Tools That Work in the Real World
  • Power Up Your Marketing Toolbox with FREE
    Marketing Resources

The Golden Rules of
Real Estate Asset Protection
Mike Carr

  • Partnerships Versus Collaboration and/or Joint Ventures
  • Forming The Proper Entities
  • Inside And Outside Liabilities
  • Tax Strategies That Benefit You and Protect Your Profits
  • Establishing Economic Soundness

Tax-Free Profit & Income for Life
Carl Fischer

  • Mortgage Notes and Lenders
  • Rental Income Tax Free
  • Buy It Sell It - All For Tax Free Profits
  • Alternate Options to Reduce Income Taxes
    on Existing Investments

Why You Need to Wholesale
and Flip Real Estate
Vena Jones Cox

  • Advantages and Benefits of Wholesaling and Flipping
  • Portfolio Integration
  • The Mapping Process And Secrets To Maximize
    Your Wholesale Profits
  • Structuring the Deal - Options that Make a Difference:
    Assignments, Simultaneous Closings and More!
  • Limiting Your Investment and Risk