Chuck Pupich
CEO, OneSource IPS

Chuck Pupich, born in Croatia, came to the United States with his family at 11 years old, settling into the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh. Entering Catholic School in 5th grade and speaking only Croatian in an environment that only spoke English was a shock but he quickly learned the language from classmates and neighborhood kids. Money for the family was tight as Chuck’s dad was the sole wage earner. Wanting to help with the finances Chuck helped the neighborhood paperboy for free for several months to put himself “first in line” for the job when the route became available.

At 16 Chuck got a work permit and began haunting the local supermarket weekly for work. Once again he wanted to be “first in line” for an opportunity. One day upon entering the store the manager told him to “start work now; we’ll finish the paperwork later.” In high school he enrolled in summer school to achieve both academic and technical diplomas, learning electronic skills which enabled him to gain part-time employment at a TV and radio repair shop as well as do small paid repair jobs independently. Beyond these jobs, Chuck traded work as a gas station attendant for driving lessons from the owner.

After high school Chuck obtained a degree in electronics, graduating among the top of his class. As full-time jobs were scarce Chuck maintained his part-time jobs while calling recruiters daily to build relationships with them to once again be ”first in line” for an opportunity. Persistence paid off when he was hired by a European high-tech imaging company that was just entering the U.S. Beginning as a service technician, Chuck remained with the company for 28 years until retirement, working his way up to multiple high level corporate executive positions. Despite his success in the service management field, the lean years of Chuck’s childhood remained with him and fueled his desire for financial independence. So at the age of 23, without any property management experience and against the advice of his elders, Chuck bought 10 apartments in his neighborhood while maintaining his full-time job.

In 1988 he developed a business plan for OneSource to maintain his ever-growing rental portfolio to allow him to maintain his corporate job as he was often traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe. Upon retirement in 2002 it seemed everyone was getting into real estate investing and coming to Chuck for advice now that he was stationary. Realizing the challenges of new investors were no different than his, and having fine-tuned his operational system for over 25 years, it was now possible to share it with others.

In 2012, OneSource was officially launched to real estate investors both local and nationally through repair and support services. Chuck’s legacy and future vision for OneSource is for it to not only be an all-in-one repair and support provider for real estate investors and property managers through membership with like-minded individuals, but for its succeeding benefactors to continue to constantly reinvent service and present its loyal clients with quality, dependable service.


  • Founder of OneSource Integrated Property Services which offers a one-stop-shop for repair and operational support services to real estate investors. The company generated $2 million dollars in revenue its first year.
  • Spearheaded the development of an Excellence in Service program with the budget of $1 million to be taught to 2000 employees in multiple languages for his employer.
  • Being a large investor in rental real estate housing, Chuck was able to use his own economy of scale to complete processes testing on improvement to operational real estate systems ultimately resulting in a cost savings of 30% overall.
  • Developed commercial and residential land and built custom family homes and apartment style townhomes.
  • Renovated hundreds of houses and apartments.

Honors & Accolades

  • AFSM International Golden Triangle President
  • American Congress of Real Estate Board Member
  • Penn Technical Institute Advisory Board Member
  • Speaker on real estate topics at conventions and various real estate events
  • Siemens Medical Systems 20 years tenure of National Awards for Achievement: As a District Service Manager-Awards for Best Service Profitability Award 2 years, Best Cost Control Management Award 3 years, Best Productivity Award 2 years, Best Overall Performing District Award 3 years. As a National Zone Manager-Awards for having managed Best Performing Service Districts 3 years
  • Presidents Recognition Award for development, marketing and management of new service to the healthcare industry “OEM" Multivendor Service and Sales