2013 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition

Setting the Background

The WCO IT Conference & Exhibition is an important event in the WCO calendar that has traditionally provided an exceptional opportunity for discussion on key issues and emerging trends in IT as they relate to the business of Customs and our partners in trade, transport logistics and other government agencies with a role at the border. Dubai Customs will host the 12th WCO IT Conference & Exhibition in May 2013.

In recent times, Dubai has gone from being a small trading and pearling settlement to one of the world’s foremost architectural, trading and tourist centres. It is a major player in the Middle East’s technological, retail and construction boom attracting people from all over the world, but especially from South Asia, Europe and elsewhere in its region. Dubai has the world’s tallest building, one 
of the busiest ports, a major international airport and sits in one of the most strategically important parts of the world. There is no better or more vibrant location to showcase modern IT solutions.

Coordinated Border Management

Coordinated Border Management (CBM) is a coordinated approach by border regulators that seeks greater efficiencies over trade and travel flows, while maintaining a balance with compliance requirements. CBM requires strong political will, disciplined project management, strategic planning, a legal framework, appropriate infrastructure, training, and communication.

Moreover, there are several basic rules and processes that should be in place if Customs and other border agencies are to act co-operatively to better manage trade. Much of this revolves around information technology, initially that means computerization  and electronic data, the maximum use of e-commerce technologies, the use of commercial data and systems, data standards, IT security, authentication, and privacy.

All these are topics to be discussed at this premier event. Finally, better coordinated border management entails coordination and cooperation among all the relevant authorities and agencies involved in border activities that apply to passengers, goods and conveyances that are moved across borders. Governments need to explore more effective solutions to border management, in particular, to those opportunities offered by modern IT solutions.

Participant Profile

The 2013 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition will bring together Customs authorities, the IT sector, the broader business community,  governmental and trade organizations, lending institutions, representatives from other border regulatory agencies, and others involved in the international trade arena.

What will you gain by participating?

Delegates : 

  • Explore “core business” and many complex questions surrounding how IT enables and transforms core business for Customs and its stakeholders in border regulation, both in the private sector and elsewhere in government.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for management of IT in Customs.
  • Gain insight into current and expected future IT developments in Customs and business.
  • Participate in challenging debates designed to find the right IT solutions for Customs, business, and other border regulatory agencies in the 21st century.

Vendors :
  • Meet top level executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, and delegates from Customs, other branches of government, IT industry and the world of international trade, transport and logistics.
  • Market your projects, products and services directly to decision-makers.
  • Maximize your exposure and visibility with the Customs and IT community.
  • Expand your contact database for future networking and business opportunities.
  • Gather inside knowledge on current and future IT user requirements. 

…Become a pace setter, share your views on IT with a captive audience interested in knowing more! 

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