2013 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition

WCO Data Model Workshop - Programme

The main objective of this training course is to provide participants with a practical introduction to the following WCO Data Model topics:

Strategic context including:

  • History and evolution
  • Relationship with other relevant global standards
  • Scope of application

Data Model Content including:

  • Business process and information modelling for cross-border clearance reporting
  • The data model (UML) and electronic document structures (EDIFACT and XML)
  • Data harmonization and an introduction to Single Window implementation from the trade perspective
  • Customisation and compliance

Practical uses including:

  • As a reference browser
  • For customisation/localisation
  • For mapping to other data models or message formats (EDIFACT or XML)
  • As a basis for in-house data modelling

practical approach will be taken on the data sets contained in the Data Model, their structure, their relationship to other standards and their practical  implementation.