Exhibitor Information

What equipment is included for Industry Updates and Software Intensives?
Each room will have a Projector, Screen, AV Cart, Lavaliere Microphone, Podium Microphone, Laptop Sound Connection

What color are the table linens?
Black Microfiber fitted.

Can I order internet, electric, AV on site?
Yes, however, the cost will be higher onsite. You are encouraged to pre-order all exhibitor booth needs. (see our exhibitor show kit here)

For Sapphire Sponsors, What kind of mic will be provided for our breakout session?
In the industry updates, lavaliere mics and podium mics will be available.

Sapphire Sponsors, Will there be a screen and projector for our breakout session?
Yes, however, you must provide your own laptop.

Can I set up after hours?
There will be no security and your freight will be unavailable, therefore it is highly discouraged.

Must I pay for people that only set up/tear down?
No, as long as the individuals are only present during set up and tear down.

Can additional tables or other furniture be ordered for my booth?
Please contact Show Management at (954) 764-7719 to request more information.

Will we have the option to put qualifiers in eScan?
The exhibitors can choose to opt-in for qualifiers (free of charge) to use with their Lead Retrieval scanner.

How many qualifiers will we have available?
Up to ten qualifiers are allowed per scanner.

Do all exhibitors provide raffle gifts?
It is not required, but highly recommended. It is a booth draw and a way to collect attendee information.

What kind of raffle gifts are usually provided?
Anything from gift cards, to spa certificates, to Keurig coffee makers, iPads, Kindles, designer handbags…The gifts should be for the individual, not the practice.

What is the average value of the raffle gifts provided?
It is up to the exhibitor but the average range is between $100 and $500 .

Can I use one pass for employees working different booth shifts?
If shifts do not overlap, this is allowed. In order to be in the exhibit hall in the booth, each person will need their own name tag.

What is appropriate attire for the conference?
Business Casual attire is recommended.

Can I select my own booth location?
All exhibitors who have pre-registered will be given first option to select their booth locations. Following those selections, yes, any new booth registrations will be asked to choose their booth location upon registration. A map showing available booths will be displayed at the beginning of the registration process. While we will do our best to accommodate requests, AADOM does reserve the right to select final floor layout. For more information or specific requests, please contact Karin Bennett at karin@dentalmanangers.com or (559) 372-4500 M-F between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm PST.

How many other exhibitors will there be?
Approximately 90.

What is the expected attendance?
We are anticipating 650-700 office managers in Nashville this year .

Will there be attendees from all over the country?
Yes, actually from all over the world!

Will any meals be provided for exhibitors?
Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Friday and Saturday. Booth attendees will be requested to eat prior to or immediately after attendees. This will allow exhibit booth staff valuable time to interact with attendees during their break, and still take time for a meal. Further information will be provided closer to the conference in the Exhibitor Agenda.

If I need a larger space can I purchase an additional booth?
Please contact Karin Bennett at Karin@dentalmanagers.com or (559) 372-4500 M-F between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm PST for information on adding to or upgrading your booth space.

Additional Exhibitor Resources
Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding sponsorship or exhibiting opportunities please contact:

Karin Bennett

Senior National Sales Executive, AADOM
Phone: (559) 372-4500
M-F 8 am – 5 pm PST
If you have questions regarding exhibit hall needs, electrical, internet, booth numbers, etc. please contact our Show Management team

or via phone at (954) 764-7719
M-F 8 am – 4:30 pm EST