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 Lunch on your own
Facilitated by Judy Kay Mausolf

Join AADOM experts for our third annual Boot Camp Course! This session is for those who are interested in telling others in their dental communities about AADOM. Be a leader where you live! This is also a great way to highlight yourself and your practice within your community.

In this session you will learn everything necessary to be an AADOM Ambassador.

  • The Benefits of AADOM Membership
  • Working with Your State Association
  • Booth Etiquette
  • Refer-A-Friend to AADOM
  • Starting a local AADOM Chapter

This course is for AADOM Members only. You must be working full time in a dental practice to qualify for this course. This course open to the first 50 registrants.

Software Palooza

EAGLESOFT: Creating a Personal Patient Experience Using Today’s Technology
Mary Horvath
Dianna Borries

Course Description:
Your patients are what drive your practice to success!  Learn and interact with Eaglesoft experts around topics that will streamline your virtual patient flow and enhance your practice lifestyle through electronic document management.  Learn how to increase and track case acceptance through treatment planning and informed consent with our Practice Management features.  Get tips and tricks on increasing electronic patient communication through Eaglesoft features such as Intellicare and SmartDoc, as well as through integrations with RevenueWell.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Improve patient communication while keeping a personal touch
    • Catered to both beginning and advanced users of Eaglesoft
    • Learn to use the features of Eaglesoft to create a chartless environment

DENTRIX: Problem Solved: Using Dentrix Tools for a More Efficient Team & a More Profitable Practice
Denise Ciardello

Course Description:
Running a successful practice can feel overwhelming. Office Managers have a lot to worry about — increasing team productivity, looking for ways to improve your business, and staying competitive — all while ensuring the best patient care. Dentrix has the answers. This session will provide you with the latest Dentrix business tools that solve real business problems so you can run a more efficient and profitable practice.

  • Optimizing your schedule to be more efficient and profitable
  • Using key performance indicators to increase profits

Increasing production and case acceptance


RDHs are from Mars, Office Managers are from Venus
Speaker: Heidi Arndt

Who Should Attend: Management Teams of Large Practices, Group Practices, Multiple Location Practices

Managing the dental hygiene team can be very challenging. Managing multiple dental hygienists and multiple practices only increases that challenge.

The role of the Office Managers is crucial to the development and growth of the dental hygiene team, especially in the multiple providers and/or multiple office settings. With the right tools and a strong strategy, the office manager can help create a first-class dental hygiene team that is happy, motivated, and accountable; all while delivering exceptional patient care, service and a strong profit margin.

Course Compliments of Patterson Dental Special Markets

Dinner on your own

 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Pre-conference Evening Event: High Impact Communications
Speaker: Lois Banta

Understanding ‘what to say’ and ‘how to say it’ is the first step toward practice success. Explore effective communication techniques for improving scheduling and reducing open time, increasing case acceptance, and fine-tuning financial arrangements. Poor communication can result in complications with patients and even team members. It may be simple to identify where we have difficulty communicating in the practice, but converting difficult situations into positive ones - that’s another story.
Learn protocols and systems for retraining the troublesome patient (including knowing when it’s time to release a patient from your care.) Discover how to recognize and resolve difficult situations with patients, insurance companies and even your own team members.

  • Develop effective verbal strategies for scheduling and reducing open time
  • Improve success with confirmation phone calls
  • Prevent cancellations and failed appointments
  • Establish written protocols to ensure effective implementation of systems
  • Facilitate discussions involving financial arrangements
  • Guide patients to pay sooner rather than later
  • Make successful collection calls
  • Reduce accounts receivable
  • Determine when it’s time to release a patient –and how to do it
  • Identify hidden traits that provide clues to the motivation behind challenging behavior

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