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Should my doctor attend?

Many members bring their doctors because the courses can benefit all leaders of the practice. However many members feel strongly that AADOM time is their time. They consider the conference and the networking opportunities to be valuable time spent out of the practice. If your doctor decides to come, he or she won’t be alone – we have many dentists that attend with their teams. In particular we have seen an increase in younger doctors who want to learn management basics before they open their own practices. AADOM encourages attendance of any team member involved in the management of the practice, including the doctor. The more team members who attend, the easier it is to implement new strategies upon returning to the practice.

My husband/wife is the doctor – are there courses for them?

The Dental Spouse Business Network (DSBN) was created for you! The courses are appropriate for both the dental spouse and their partner. This year’s speaker is Janet Steward who has worked with and coached many doctor/spouse teams. The other conference sessions are appropriate and recommended to anyone in a dental leadership position.
Nashville is also a great place for a family vacation! We hear from many spouses that this is a good strategic getaway for a doctor and spouse. If your doctor or spouse chooses to not attend the conference then we understand. But we think they’ll be missing out!

How can I find a roommate?

You can always post an inquiry on our member forum and for years this has been a resource for members looking to reduce conference costs. We do not recommend soliciting roommates on our AADOM Facebook page. However, if you are a member of the Virtual Study Club or an Ambassador you can certainly post your request on their private, closed Facebook groups. We urge you to exercise caution when reaching out to any stranger – even if they’re part of AADOM. We will also have specific message boards in our AADOM Forum where attendees can connect to discuss rooming and carpooling options.

I work for a specialty office. Does it make sense for me to attend?

All of our courses are geared for any office manager. The information can be applied in most any dental setting. This year we will feature a Specialty Marketing Panel that will focus on your office setting. You will also enjoy the Specialty Roundtable networking event that will take place during Saturday’s breakfast. This is one of our most popular conference features and we’re excited to help you meet other specialty colleagues!


What is the Ultimate Education package?

The Ultimate Education (UE) package is the best value for attending the conference. In addition to conference tuition you will also receive access to two of the most popular AADOM educational offerings. You have a choice between the Virtual Study Club (VSC - for experienced office managers) or the Foundations of Dental Practice Management series (FDMP - a training series for new team members). Purchasers of the UE package are able to obtain conference CE plus 6 CE for the VSC or FDPM classes. CE units count toward Fellowship achievement or maintenance. VSC and FDPM sessions are all recorded for easy access.

What meals are included in my registration fee?

Your conference tuition includes breakfast and lunch on Friday 8/28/15 and Saturday 8/29/15 as well as breakfast on Sunday 8/30/15. The Gaylord Opryland Resort has many options for purchasing meals during times when AADOM is not providing them.

I’m having trouble with my registration or I want to change my course selection.

Please contact info@dentalmanagersconference.com, or via phone at (888) 570-0899 with your concerns.

What if I arrive at the conference and decide to switch classes?

You can alert the registration team and if there is room in the class you will be added. Many of our courses were sold out or near capacity last year – if we can accommodate your request, we certainly will!


Is the conference in the hotel or in a separate location?

The Gaylord Opryland Resort Hotel is the site of the conference. For convenience an AADOM room block is available. The last time we were at the Gaylord our block sold out and attendees had to be shuttled from nearby hotels. Reserve your room early so that you can be closer to the action!

Will there be Wi-Fi access in the conference rooms?

There will not be an available Wi-Fi network in the conference area. Please plan ahead and download your handouts before the conference so that you can access them quickly.

What is appropriate attire for the conference?

We recommend business casual. Keep in mind that many of the breakout rooms get chilly, so we suggest bringing a light jacket or sweater with you. Wear comfortable shoes as the Gaylord is a very large property and you could do some walking. We also suggest bringing along casual attire, for social events, dinner, etc.


What is the difference between the Educational Sessions and the Sponsored Educational Breakouts?

The Educational Session speakers are chosen by AADOM’s Speaker Selection Committee. We work hard to bring you the best of the industry and have received rave reviews every year. Some speakers may be sponsored by a company but they must disclose this at the beginning of the course. Sponsor endorsements are not permitted during Educational Sessions.

The Sponsored Educational Breakouts are a part of a sponsorship package purchased by supporting companies of AADOM. These sessions will be hosted and run by the sponsoring company. They may bring in a non-company speaker or may choose to have a company representative lead the session. You may be exposed to the company product but most companies choose to focus on education, not sales.

How are educational speakers chosen?
Speakers can be chosen by either:

  • Being scouted at another dental meeting
  • Submitting their course for consideration
  • Member recommendation

The Speaker Selection Committee reviews the candidates and touches base with them to discuss topics best suited for the office manager, rather than the entire team. The selection process takes 2-3 months and begins over a year in advance of the next year.

The conference dates are August 28-30th but you have a class scheduled for the night of the 27th. Why should I come in early for that course?

Over the years we recognized that members often came to the conference early and looked for activities the night before the fun starts. We’ve also heard repeatedly that an advanced, high-level manager course is needed. We saw a way to meet both requests by offering a deep dive into one of our most requested topics: Team Communication. Lois Banta of Banta Consulting will explore the most frustrating part of employee and patient discussions. The class will be highly interactive and educational. Past attendees of Lois’s classes rave about her approachable and effective methods.

What is the “AADOM Forum Live!” session about?

We are very excited about this new offering! Members know that our forum is a place to share your knowledge and to find the answers to your common (and uncommon!) managerial issues. We will have different areas set up for discussion of topics such as:

  • Gossip and conflict in the office
  • Insurance changes
  • Compliance
  • Leading team meetings
  • Doctor/Manager relations

…and more!

Special sections for new managers and AADOM Ambassadors will be available. Meet other office managers that are facing the same issues as you!

**In researching travel costs for the conference we have found that airfare costs are greatly reduced with a Saturday stay. Plan for a Sunday afternoon flight and enjoy the morning with your AADOM family!

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