Discover amazing treasures at the MarketPlace

Discover a captivating world of creativity and uniqueness at the MarketPlace. This exceptional on-site destination is filled with exquisite handcrafted treasures and items that showcase the passion and expertise of UC Master Gardeners. Every corner of the MarketPlace is stocked with items from the abundant UC Master Gardener counties, proceeds of the sales are distributed to those participating counties. Managed by dedicated volunteers, a visit to the MarketPlace offers not just a delightful shopping experience, but also a chance to support and uplift the UC Master Gardeners who put their hearts into this endeavor. Immerse yourself in the MarketPlace, where shopping becomes a joyful exploration.

Payment Methods
Shopping is made simple as the MarketPlace is equipped to take cash, check and credit card payments.


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Be part of the action

Each county has the opportunity to reserve a table within the MarketPlace, and funds raised are returned to respecitve county programs. The MarketPlace is the ideal place to present your products to conference attendees looking for distinctive merchandise. Submit a completed application by Thursday, August 31, 2023.

MarketPlace Application and Guidelines: