4-H State Leadership Conference 2024

July 25-28, 2024

UC Davis

Meet the 2024 Program Assistants




Addison Holbrook

My name's Addison Holbrook, and I am so excited to be a Program Assistant for the 2024 State Leadership Conference! This will be my 10th year being involved in 4-H. I've loved being a State Ambassador as well as being involved in the rabbit project with Southwest Valley 4-H! Outside of 4-H I am a student at UC Davis studying environmental science and management, and a student assistant at the UC ANR Program Support Unit. I'm so excited for SLC this year and getting to meet everyone!



Alex Serrao

My name is Alex Serrao from Placer County. I started in 4-H when I was nine and still continue to be involved as an adult volunteer! My favorite projects were meat goats and beef cattle. I’m super excited to see everyone at SLC!



Brianna Maas

My name is Brianna Maas from Shasta County. I have been involved in 4-H since I was 12, when I first joined my school's 4-H program. I did not join my community club until after I attended my first SLC with a few other kids from my class, where I found my love for 4-H, I attended two more conferences as a participant, then last year I got the opportunity to be a Facilitator and I am so excited to be back as a program assistant this year. I am also a co-project leader for my club’s dairy goat project, my favorite project. I am attending college to become a nurse and travel in my spare time.



Isabelle Cialone

Hi! My name is Isabelle Cialone. I joined 4-H when I was nine, I’ve been involved in lots of projects, but my favorites were the rabbit and lamb/goat projects. I quickly became interested in leadership, taking on positions in my club at first then progressing to the state level as a California 4-H State Ambassador.  I’m a student at Georgetown University, where I’m studying as a premed student. I’m super pumped to reconnect with California 4-H at SLC!



Jenny Shomo

My name is Jenny Shomo. I have been in 4-H since I was about nine years old and have had so many great experiences during my time in the program. My favorite memories in 4-H come from my time attending L.A. County's Summer Camp, where I met people I'm still friends with to this day! My family would run the archery project at one of the clubs in San Diego County, so that was my favorite project I did when I was younger. As I got older I became more involved with being on planning teams for leadership programs/events such as Summer Camp, Youth Summits, and even State Leadership Conference! Outside 4-H, I'm a student at UC Davis, studying psychology. I'm stoked to meet everyone and have a great SLC! See you there!!



Lyle Glass

My name is Lyle Glass. I have been involved in 4-H officially since I was five years old, but was going to meetings even before that. I developed a love for raising and showing livestock for the county fairs, and slowly built a love of leadership & public speaking through club officer roles and presentation days. I eventually moved on to become a State Ambassador in 2015 and acted as a State Ambassador Advisor for a couple years following that.  I currently work at my local radio station as an on-air broadcaster doing afternoon traffic reports during weekdays. I can't wait to meet everyone at SLC this year! 



Matthieu Lu

My name is Matthieu Lu, and I am a first-time Program Assistant. This is the first program I've ever attended associated with 4-H. Outside of 4H, I'm a mechanical engineer that has worked at Tesla and Lucid. I'm super excited to be a part of this conference and to be able to work with everyone!


Megna Nayar

My name is Megna Nayar. I have been in 4-H for seven years, and have been involved with the Santa Clara County Computer Science Pathways Team, as well as the County and State Ambassador programs. My favorite 4-H experience was attending the National 4-H Conference as part of the Youth Leadership Team! I am currently going into my second year at UC Santa Barbara. I am so excited for this year's conference!



Rhett Smelser

Hello, my name is Rhett Smelser, from Imperial County. I started my 4-H journey at nine years old with a calf and dog, and I raised steers from the ages of 10-17. I was a County Ambassador and I have supported other leadership conferences, like Southern Youth Summit. I was also President of my club for two years and was a junior/teen leader for my projects. I can’t wait to meet all of you and I know that we’re going to have a wonderful time. I will see you at SLC!



Sruthi Sudarsan

My name is Sruthi Sudarsan from Alameda County. I have been involved in 4-H since the age of seven where I was involved in projects such as public speaking, baking, and puppetry. Eventually, I became more involved in 4-H at the county, state, and national level. I am currently attending the University of California, Santa Barbara where I am studying Data Science and Economics. I look forward to meeting everyone at SLC this year!