4-H State Leadership Conference 2024

July 25-28, 2024

UC Davis

Workshop Descriptions


County Ambassador Workshop

Friday Jul 26, 2024 1-4pm
Road Tripping Through a Year of Ambassadorship 
2023-2024 State Ambassadors


Calling all County Ambassadors! Ready to hit the road to an amazing year ahead? Picture this: Using their secret roadmap, the California 4-H State Ambassadors are your expert navigators. They’ve got all the insider tips and tricks to traverse from Storming to Norming and ending at your destination Performing. So buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with growth, teamwork, and making memories that'll last a lifetime! 


Stolen Focus
Sheron Violini, Associate Director UCANR Government Relations
Intermediate and Senior SLC

The average teen checks their phone 51 times a day, with many of us being even more frequent than that. Much of this activity is social media related, so why not learn about the science behind social media? By attending this dynamic workshop, you will learn how to reach your dreams by becoming more productive. A great deal of this workshop will be discussion based, so we highly recommend attending if you like connecting with others around you.

The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership Communication
Public Speaking and Communications State Advisory Committee
Intermediate and Senior SLC

Communication is essential in all aspects of life, but even more important for leaders. This workshop teaches the layers of interpersonal and professional communications by looking at verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. Participants will be challenged to become better and more dynamic speakers within their leadership capacity.

Walk Don't Run 
Magi Graziano, Author
Intermediate and Senior SLC

Life can move really fast sometimes, this workshop is aimed to help participants learn how to slow down, take a deep breath, and reflect on what is really important. By integrating introspection and self-care into their daily lives, participants will learn how to sustainably pursue their passions that contribute to personal growth and societal benefit without sacrificing their well-being.

Tuolumne County 4-H Ambassadors
Intermediate SLC

Based on the show Survivor, this workshop will teach participants how to work through challenges in a team setting. It is often through challenges where we learn the most about ourselves, so the Survivor workshop will help its attendees to learn their strengths as a leader, as well as how these special abilities give them their own unique potential as leaders. 

Discover Science and Cooking with 4-H Teen Teachers
Sacramento County 4-H Teen Teachers
Intermediate SLC

Do you love eating food and learning about science? If so, then this workshop may be for you!  Sacramento County 4-H Teen Teachers that are using research-based curriculum will show participants how to make nutritious and healthy snacks through hands-on science and healthy cooking lessons. 

Communication Styles - Finding Your Voice and Styles
Mark Arana, Father of 4-H Youth Member
Intermediate SLC

Communicating is at the core of just about everything that we do, so if you are able to do so well, this can open many doors for your future. By attending this workshop, you will not only learn effective communication skills, but how to incorporate your own unique style to make it even more meaningful. 

Understanding the Modern Family: A Gardener’s Tale
Matthew Rodriguez, 4-H Youth Development Advisor
Senior SLC

Participants will learn all about the importance of accepting everyone regardless of what race or religion they identify with, along with how to spread diversity and inclusion wherever they go. If you are looking to improve your intercultural competency skills consider attending this workshop.

Love Success More Than You Fear Failure
Liza and Ashtan Stefani
Senior SLC

Resilience and grit is what really makes a leader who they are at their core, so developing and recognizing these skills within ourselves is imperative for our future. This workshop is designed to help participants see failure not as a stigma, but rather, a way to grow and learn. Participants will learn to see obstacles as a different path to reach your fullest potential.  

Managing Your Money in College
Steward Pimienta, Travis Credit Union
Senior SLC

It’s safe to say that everyone likes money, so learning how to manage it all is of utmost importance for a successful life and future. This workshop will dive right into the proper ways of saving money, financial aid for college, time management skills, and how to reach your financial goals. Success all starts with a good foundation, so start building yours today.

Exploring Social Justice Through The Arts
J.E.D.I Youth Task Force
Senior SLC

Do you have a passion for advocating for social justice and art? This workshop will incorporate poetry writing, music, and other art mediums to ignite social justice. Art plays a vital role in promoting social justice, and attendees of this workshop will get to learn all about this here. Get ready for an electrifying journey of creativity and activism!

Aspects of Identity - Leading from Me to We!
Kait Murray; Access, Equity, and Belonging Academic Coordinator
Senior SLC

In order to be an effective leader, we must know who we truly are. This workshop will encourage participants to examine their inner positionality, which is the social and political context that creates an individual’s identity in terms of race, class, gender, and ability status. Participants will learn to discover this quality within themselves through journaling, discussion, and movement.  

Communication Skills to Navigate Change
Lynette Ward, 4-H Alumni
Senior SLC

Communicating effectively is an imperative attribute to have, so why not acquire this skill all while enacting change in our society and influencing others to do the same.  Participants will leave this workshop with skills and experience practicing empathy, accountability, and positive intent to make a change in the world around them. This workshop will teach participants how to take the lead when they see a need!

I Quit!  A Guide to Leaving a Job with Professionalism and Confidence
Kate Lyn Sutherland, Program and Event Specialist of UC ANR Program Support Unit
Senior SLC

Sometimes, the jobs that we work don’t meet our needs or sparks after time or changes to the position. When the time comes where we must take our leave, it can be hard to navigate this life transition with professionalism and confidence, so that is where this workshop comes in. This session will dive into writing resignation letters, and how to have difficult conversations with supervisors.  

The Road to Resilience
2023-2024 CA 4-H State Ambassador Team
Senior SLC

In our journey to becoming more resilient individuals, it’s essential to understand that setbacks are a natural part of life. Through this workshop, youth will gain knowledge in relaxation techniques and the importance of self-reflection. This session will empower youth with the tools and mindset needed to navigate challenges successfully, ultimately leading to personal growth and a more resilient you!  

Unleashing Your Inner Changemaker:  Building Resilience with STEM and Action
Sudharsan Gopalakrishnan, CA 4-H Alumni
Senior SLC

Building resilience is essential to just about everything we do in life, but by incorporating avenues such as STEM, that can also make us more well-rounded individuals. Participants will gain practical problem-solving skills and learn to utilize technology to create positive change for the betterment of themselves and those around them.

STEM Made Simple
Texas 4-H STEM Ambassadors
Senior SLC

STEM is a crucial part of our lives because it is connected with everything that we do. Participants will learn how to lead STEM activities at any 4-H event, acquire a more in-depth understanding of how STEM is relevant to life inside and outside of 4-H, and even get to participate in interactive STEM activities. 

Consent Culture:  Fostering Respect and Understanding
Gemma Miner, State Office Academic Coordinator
Senior SLC

The subject of consent is one of utmost importance in our society, but is somehow rarely openly talked about, so that is where this workshop comes in. Participants of this workshop will explore various aspects of consent, specifically its definition, importance, and application in 4-H. This subject may be sensitive to participants so please consider the content prior to attending.

Embracing Science to Heal the Planet
Professor Brandon Reyes, Diablo Valley College
Senior SLC

Calling all youth that are considering a career in STEM!  From environmental science, to marine biology, or even oceanography, learn about the potential career paths and experiences in the science fields. Participants that attend this workshop will also get to participate in an interactive group conversation about finding solutions to environmental challenges.

Media Madness!  Media Literacy in the Modern World
Ryan Cleland, Community Education Specialist
Senior SLC

If you are a young leader with goals, it is imperative for you to understand media literacy from the inside out. Participants who attend this workshop will engage in a highly interactive and educational discussion about understanding this complex digital world that we all must live in and understand. This session will entail videos that will be very informative, and anyone who attends this workshop will walk away with resources to help them spot bias in the media.

Civil Discourse:  More Important Than Ever
Ryan Cleland, Community Education Specialist
Senior SLC

Civil discourse is the very root of human interaction, so by becoming more informed about this issue, this can enable us to work more effectively with those around us.  By attending this workshop, you will get to engage in a hands-on discussion with your peers, as well as survey and explore your own opinion and beliefs. 

How to Be the Best Mentor or Mentee You Can Be
Mark Arana, Technology Leader
Senior SLC

The concept of mentoring is essential to leadership in 4-H, and really, anything in life.  By attending this workshop, you will learn all about being a mentor to others, as well as how to be a great mentee.