2022 OPI Summer Institute

June 20 - 24, 2022



There is no registration fee for Montana Educators and Administrators for 2022.

Out-of-state Registrants will recieve a reduced cost registration

There is a limited number of registrations available so please be considerate and cancel if you cannot attend and make sure that you do not duplicate your registration if someone else has registered you as part of a group.

Group Registrations

There are two ways that you can register a group.

  1. If your group is small (up to 10 people) chose one person from your group to be the primary registrant and register them first.  At the end of the registration, you will be given an opportunity to register additional attendees.  When all additional attendees have been added, click "Complete Registration"
  2. If your group is larger than 10, please contact Toni Lee for a custom spreadsheet that can be used to do a bulk registration
  3. Montana residents can cancel their registration useing the "Modify Registration" function in the registration website.
  4. For a non-resident to receive a refund, you must contact Toni Lee.

Complete Your Registration

To complete your registration you MUST select a payment type and click "Make Payment" at the bottom of the page.  If you fail to complete the registration, you will receive an email that your registration is incomplete and you will need to start all over.


Modify Registration

You can perform several functions with the "Modify Registration" option. 

  • Modify your registration
  • Add a new registrant to your group
  • Select your sessions when someone else has already registered you.

To modify your registration or select your sessions when someone else has already registered you, simply go to the registration page and select "Modify Registration".  You will be prompted to provide your email and last name to verify your identity.  If you receive an error message and your registration may be under a different email address, please try that.  If you still get an error message, please contact Toni Lee  If you are adding people to your group, be sure to advance completely through your registration until you get to the "Additional Registrant" page or you may accidentally change YOUR registration.


Registration closes Sunday, June 12 or when the conference is sold out.


When you use the registration link below, anything that you added to your agenda on the agenda page will transfer over to your registration.