2022 OPI Summer Institute

June 20 - 24, 2022



The 2022 Montana OPI Summer Institute Mobile App is live

The mobile app is your key to getting the most out of the conference.  Please take a moment to get set up before the conference so you are ready to go.

What can I do with the mobile app?

  • View the conference agenda
  • View your personal agenda
  • Find your sessions
  • Find your handouts
  • Change your sessions
  • Evaluate your sessions to insure you get credit for attending
  • Find out where to park
  • Participate in the Best Practices Expo Scavenger Hunt

How do I get the mobile app?

  • Go to the Android/Google Play or Apple Store on your device
  • Install the free ‘Aventri Events’ app  Image result for aventri app images
  • Once installation is complete, open the app from your mobile device
  • When asked for your access code, enter 763496
  • Once you have access, you will see a login page.
    This login is only required one time.
  • Your username is: The email you used to register for the conference

  • Your password is:   The last name you used to register for the conference

Helpful Tips

  • You only need to enter the code once.  When you reenter the app, simply click the Montana OPI Summer Institute icon in the "Recently Visited Events".
  • Update your phone before installing the mobile app.
  • Once you install the mobile app, save the icon to the home screen of your phone so you can easily find it.
  • Allow push notifications so you get all the important reminders and announcements.
  • Your email and last name that you use to sign in MUST MATCH the email and last name you used to register for the conference!
  • When accessing the handouts through the mobile app, you may be prompted to upload a cloud app.  You do not have to do that to access the handouts.  just click anywhere on your screen outside the prompt and it will go away.