2022 OPI Summer Institute

June 20 - 24, 2022


Session Handouts

Where can I find session handouts?

  • A complete set of all handouts can be accessed by clicking on the handout link below.
  • Session handouts can also be found in the "Agenda" on this website.  When you click on the tiny green "i", you will see the session description, speaker bios and a link to any associated handouts.  Not all sessions have handouts.
  • You can also access handouts through the mobile app both with the "handouts" icon and through the green "i" located near the session title in the agenda
  • When you use the "Handouts" button in the mobile app, you may be prompted to upload a cloud application.  You do NOT need to t=do that in order to access the handouts.  simply touch your screen outside of the message box and it will go away.

Handout Link