Wisconsin Annual Conference 2018

Agenda, petition, or resolution questions: contact Sam Royappa at sroyappa@wisconsinumc.org


If you are Clergy and have questions about: your category, clergy session or ordination/commissioning status, contact Kevin Rice Myers at krmyers@wisconsinumc.org


Display tables or Childcare questions: contact Angela Ullrich at aullrich@wisconsinumc.org


Hotel questions: contact the Marriott directly about any hotel reservations at 608-831-2000.


Laity Session or the AC101 class questions: contact Conference Board of Conference Laity Chair, Deanna Shimko at dshimko53185@gmail.com


Program content of Learning Day questions: contact Sam Royappa at sroyappa@wisconsinumc.org

Registration or registration payment questionscontact Conference Registrar, Kristy Yang at 1-888-240-7328 or at kyang@wisconsinumc.org

For scholarships for clergy and elected lay members, contact Program and Arrangements Chair, Clarissa Martinelli at rev.cmartinelli6@gmail.com


Special group meals at Annual Conference questions, contact Susan Bresser at susanbresser@gmail.com


Worship and special services at Annual Conference questions, contact Myunghoon Han at myungh.han@gmail.com


Youth and young adult participation in Annual Conference, contact Sharon Cook at scook@wisconsinumc.org


Voting and or Amendments, contact Conference Secretary, Susan Haller at confsec@wisconsinumc.org


Awards, contact Joyce Squire at joyce.squire@gmail.com


For any other 2018 WI Annual Conference questions, contact Program and Arrangements Event Planner: Angela Ullrich at aullrich@wisconsinumc.org