Wisconsin Annual Conference 2018

Childcare/Camp in the Community


You must register for Childcare or Camp in the Community within the registration online. We must have the Childcare/Camp form and payment to our office by: 

May 18, 2018. 


There will be NO drop-in childcare available for anyone during any part of WI Annual Conference. ALL childcare/camp requests must be made by registering online AND submitting the form by May 18, 2018.

Childcare will be available during WI Annual Conference for children ages 6 weeks old - those who are entering kindergarten. 

Camp in the Community will be providing care for those children ages 6-12 years old.


The WI Annual Conference subsidizes the cost and therefore the charge is only $10.00 per child, per day. That fee is applicable regardless of the amount of time used. You will be registering for each day this year because we have had three daycare providers and only one child shows up. If this occurs again this year, we will re-visit passing more of the costs onto the parents.

For Childcare and Camp in the Community, you MUST pick up your child during all meal times. You MUST be on time to pick up your child during breaks and at the end of the night or you will be ineligible for any childcare next year. Please be aware that you may have to miss a few minutes of sessions in order to pick up or drop off your child on time. 

Childcare Hours:

 Friday     12pm –10pm

Saturday  8am – 9pm

 Sunday   8am – 6pm

 Monday   8am – 3pm


Camp in the Community Program will be provide as an opportunity for youth attending with their parents at the Wisconsin Annual Conference that builds community, equips disciples, and models care of creation.

Camp in the Community Program Hours:

 Friday     12pm –10pm

Saturday   8am – 9pm

  Sunday     8am – 12pm

Program Schedule: Led by WIUMCamps staff; incorporates elements of experiential bible study, participatory worship, community building and individual enrichment​.

Please download the forms for required and email/send it to:

Camp in the Community

Wisconsin Annual Conference
Attention: Angela Ullrich


750 Windsor Street, Suite 202
Sun Prairie, WI  53590