Investment Discovery Forum (IDF)

Mining Indaba Investment Discovery Forum

The Investment Discovery Forum (IDF) is a dedicated investor track for Mining Indaba®. This forum is specifically designed for serious investment professionals who are eager to discover new investment opportunities, hear about industry developments, and discuss Africa’s investment climate and alternative emerging opportunities in the mining sector.

Now, as global economies strive to recover, investment professionals are seeking the new, alternative and immediate opportunities that allow them to strategically grow their portfolios. This forum is a highly-detailed and in-depth executive-level track focused on deal-making within the mining sector. It is for qualified investors and mining companies only and is designed to bring the top deal-makers in the African mining space together in a private setting. It will run as a parallel track to the Mining Indaba conference each afternoon and will provide investors with a dedicated venue to access detailed briefings on mining exploration companies on the continent. By respecting the investor's time and providing the information they need in the way they need to see it, this will allow opportunities to flow faster through the mining investment funnel and enable mineral exploration companies to increase their potential to successfully raise capital.


Investment Discovery Forum [IDF]


Global Head of Mining
International Finance Corporation 

Namrata Thapar was appointed IFC Global Head of Mining in March 2015, succeeding Tom Butler. Namrata joined IFC in 1999 and has played a leadership role developing IFC’s mining business with a focus on sustainability and development impact. Prior to this role, she was Principal Investment Officer in the mining team and led multiple projects with clients ranging from major diversified companies to juniors, including both debt and equity investments.. See more...

Why Attend the Investment Discovery Forum:

  • IDF offers an exclusive event for mining companies and investors that compliments attendance at Mining Indaba. This set up enables everyone participating to connect with one another face-to-face, ensuring access to the most interesting projects and the most influential investors. 
  • Mining Company presentations that are different from those on the main stage and only available to qualified investors through attendance at Investment Discovery Forum. 
  • Unique programme content such as CEO corporate panels, an investment panel incorporating South African investors and a spotlight panel on one of the hottest commodities of the moment. 
  • IDF is creating an intimate environment in which investors can interact directly with the majors participating in Mining Indaba. IDF’s schedule allows investors to attend the Mining Indaba main stage programming and organise private, one-on-one meetings in the morning followed by a private and in-depth investor programme in the afternoon that no one else at Mining Indaba has access to.