Independent Learning Association Conference (ILAC) 2012

Presentation Formats

Pre-conference Workshop

Pre-conference workshop sessions must include active audience participation through experiencing and discussing tasks provided by the workshop facilitator. Pre conference workshops will be held the day before the conference. Sessions can either be full day or half day workshops. Attendees pay a fee to attend the workshop to cover costs such as venue hire, catering, AV equipment.


This is a lecture style presentation supported with visual material. Paper presentations will be allocated 30 minutes including 10 minutes for questions and answers.

Thematic Colloquia

Colloquia provide an opportunity for several presenters with a related theme or topic to present together in a supportive environment. At least 15 minutes should be left for questions and audience interaction. It is the responsibility of the colloquium chair to organise their colloquium group.

Interactive Independent Learning Fair

Each presenter needs to prepare a handout to a maximum of 300 words describing their presentation area, then at the Fair each presenter will have a two minute maximum “thumbnail slot” to introduce themselves and their topic, and an explanation of what they will be showing on their allocated table for people to visit later during Fair.

During these presentations the convenors will run a power point slide show with key information for each of the presenters, including; name, affiliation, a picture, and the title of the presentation.

Members of the audience will be provided with an “appointment sheet” on which they can write short notes and tick a box if they want to visit a particular table later, at the next stage of the Fair – After the thumbnail presentations, members of the audience have the opportunity to interact with presenters’ materials at their table and ask questions if they wish.

The presentations can of course take a variety of formats. Here are some ideas of presentations:
• A wall display
• A click-through activity on a lap-top
• A short questionnaire
• A short group activity
• An interactive activity which you run at set times
• Posters
• Materials you would like to show or get feedback about
• A short demonstration
• Contributions by participants to the creation of a wall display
• And of course, we welcome any other creative ideas for this exciting presentation mode.

Anyone interested in participating in this interactive format for presenting their work needs to submit a 300 word max proposal which describes their presentation, and is also used for the handout. Please note that the organising committee will group and prioritise these presentations according to which ones members of the audience and the presenter are most likely to interact.

Swap-shop to share practical resources and ideas

In swap shops presenters will highlight a particular theme and include issues for discussion. Before they come to the session, swap shop attendees are encouraged to prepare something practical that they would like to share on the same theme. The presenter is responsible for facilitating the group work in which the participants swap ideas and materials.

For this kind of presentation the organisers need a description of area of interest, what the presenter has to offer, and also maybe what the presenter would like the audience to bring. Swap-shops can be 30 or 60 minutes long but the programme committee normally makes the final decision depending on programme constraints etc, so an indication on preferred length and size of audience is valuable information in the proposal from the presenter.


This is a display of material on a poster (no more than two A1 sheets) with scheduled opportunities to discuss the material with interested individuals.