Independent Learning Association Conference (ILAC) 2012

Conference Programme

The conference programme will commence at approximately 4.00pm on Thursday 30 August and run through to mid afternoon Sunday 2 September 2012.
Pre-conference workshops will be held on Thursday 30 August 2012.
Please click here to view the full conference programme.

Conference Theme

The theme is "Autonomy in a Networked World: Te Tū Motuhake i te Ao Kōtuitui”.
What is the theoretical and practical meaning of learner autonomy in the socially and technologically connected world we live in today? We invite conference participants to share their thoughts, research findings and practice in order to illuminate the relationship between the individual learner and the learning opportunities afforded by ever-changing learning environments.

The programme will be developed around the following sub-themes:

  • Framing learner autonomy in today’s world – where we are now and where we are going
  • Autonomy and identity
  • Autonomy and agency (motivation and strategies)
  • Autonomy and the learning environment (classroom, distance, technology, independent learning  centres)
  • Autonomy and assessment

The conference sub-themes are intended to capture dimensions of this relationship: the personal, social and cultural identity of the learner, the self and the ‘other’ as agents of learning, the learning environment, and the role of assessment for the autonomous learner.