FCEI Africa 2017

Day Tours

Johannesburg City Tour

(Half day)

Price - ZAR 840 Per Person.

Entrance Fees Included:
  • Constitution Hill
  • Top of Africa
This landlocked city is able to take you back to its humble beginnings as a mining settlement to later progress and become the 40th largest metropolitan area in the world. Travel our streets reliving the South African dream. This tour includes the numerous historical buildings within the Central Business District, the township of Hillbrow and the suburb of Houghton. Find yourself 50 floors up the 223m-high Carlton Centre, best referred to as the “Top of Africa”. Here you will enjoy an amazing 360 degree view of Johannesburg. Enjoy some of the local cuisine before visiting the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Newtown – a gleaming apex in the city’s skyline. End of you tour with one of South Africa’s most significant heritage sites – Constitution Hill.

Apartheid Museum

(Half day)

Price - ZAR 845 Per Person.

Entrance fees Included:
  • The Apartheid Museum
Leaving the convention centre your next stop is the Apartheid Museum, the first of its kind, illustrating the rise and fall of apartheid. The museum is a superb example of design, space and landscape offering the international community a unique South African experience. The exhibits have been assembled and organised by a multi-disciplinary team of curators, film-makers, historians and designers. They include provocative film footage, photographs, text panels and artefacts illustrating the events and human stories that are part of the epic saga, known as apartheid. A series of 22 individual exhibition areas takes the visitor through a dramatic emotional journey that tells a story of a state-sanctioned system based on racial discrimination and the struggle of the majority to overthrow the tyranny.



(Half day)

Price - ZAR 855 Per Person.

Entrance Fees Included:
  • Hector Peterson Memorial
  • Regina Mundi
Enjoy a ‘Half Day Tour’ experiencing the bustling life of the renowned Soweto’s eKasi (township). Soweto is a symbol of the New South Africa, caught between old squatter misery and new prosperity, squalor and an upbeat lifestyle, it’s a vibrant city which still openly bears the scars of the Apartheid past, yet, shows what’s possible in the new South Africa” Visit the bustling and renowned street of Vilakazi – made famous for being the only street in the world where two Nobel Prize winners resided in. (Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the late Nelson Mandela). Journey to the museum and memorial of Hector Pieterson, the museum opened in 2002 and houses photographic and audio-visual displays of the struggle of the youth against the injustices of apartheid. Hector Pieterson, age 13, was one the first students to be killed during the 1976 Student Uprising in Soweto. He has since become a symbol of youth resistance to apartheid. Your tour won’t be complete without a visit to ‘Regina Mundi’, the largest Roman Catholic Church in South Africa, located in Rockville, Soweto. Due to the role it played as a place of gathering for the people of Soweto in the years before, during, and after the anti-apartheid struggle, it is often referred to as "the people's church". In 1997, the late former President Nelson Mandela established the 30th November as "Regina Mundi Day" to honour the church. Finish your cultural experience by driving through the suburb of Houghton where our beloved Nelson Mandela spent his last days.

Cheetah Centre

(Full day)
Price - ZAR 1580 Per Person.

Entrance Fees included:
  • Cheetah Centre 3 hour guided tour (08h30 or 13h30)
Begin your morning with a leisurely drive towards Hartbeespoort Dam while taking in the magnificent sights of “Saartjies Nek” along the dam wall. After a brief stop at Chameleon Village (shopping district) you will continue your journey towards the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre in time for your 08h30 tour. Established in 1971, initially as a cheetah breeding project, the Centre has during the past 40 years bred over 800 cheetah cubs. Various conservation projects have been initiated since its inception which also includes a successful African wild dog breeding programme. Known in the past as the De Wildt Cheetah Centre the name has recently been changed to the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre as a tribute to the woman who has devoted her life to the survival of the cheetahs as well as other rare and endangered species.


(Full day)
Price - ZAR 1300 Per Person.

Entrance fees included:
  • Entrance fees into the park
Take in the incredible sights and sounds of nature with the day spent game viewing in the Pilanesberg National Park. The crater of a long extinct volcano is the setting of Pilanesberg National Park. The Park boosts healthy populations of lion, leopard, black and white rhino, elephant and buffalo – the “Big 5”. There is a wide variety of rare and common species. A few of the endemic species that may be seen here are the brown hyena, the fleet-footed cheetah, the majestic sable, as well as giraffe, springbok, zebra, hippo and crocodile. The bird watching is excellent with over 360 species recorded.


Cradle of Humankind and Maropeng

(Full day)

Price - ZAR 1340  per Person.

Entrance Fees included:
  • Sterkfontein/Maropeng combo ticket
This ‘Full Day Tour’ consisting of the Sterkfontein Caves as well as Maropeng; is certain to awaken the archaeologist in you. Journey to the ‘Cradle of Humankind’, declared a World Heritage Site in 1999 because of the area’s exceptional contribution to our understanding of the history of humanity, over more than 3-million years. Altogether, there are 15 major fossil sites in the Cradle of Humankind, of which the Sterkfontein Caves is the most famous.
Enjoy lunch (own account) at the Cradle’s restaurant and visit the virtual reality auditorium, exhibition spaces, lecture theatre, and shop all while unfolding the journey of humankind.
The fossils “Mrs Ples” and “Little Foot” were both discovered at the Sterkfontein Caves, as well as thousands more fossils of hominids, which are human ancestors. It’s interesting to note that more hominid fossils have been found in the Cradle of Humankind than anywhere else on Earth.


Pretoria City

(Half day)

Price - ZAR 940 Per Person.

Entrance Fees included:
  • Voortrekker Monument
  • Kruger House
Prepare to ‘trek’ across a city where buildings are architecturally significant and a nation congregates around statues of past leaders. Take this opportunity to stand in front of the heart of the country overlooking a city built on passion and determination. This tour includes the historical Voortrekker Monument - a unique Monument which commemorates the pioneer history of Southern Africa and the history of the Afrikaner, situated in a beautiful setting; the Paul Kruger House - built in 1884, Paul Kruger took a leading role in the Transvaal War against Britain in 1889-1881. At the age of 57 Kruger was elected President of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) and took up residence at Kruger House in Pretoria. The Union Buildings - the official seat of the national government and houses the offices of the President was completed in 1913. Take advantage of the excellent photo opportunities, meet the local people and view the magnificent new Nelson Mandela statue built at the Union Building in memory of the late hero.


World of Beer

(Half day)

Price - ZAR 955 Per Person.

Entrance Fees included:
  • World of Beer tour

Take a tour of the SAB World of Beer, one of the top tourist attractions in South Africa. This fascinating, enjoyable and collaborative journey explores the rich history of beer, uncovering the important role beer has played culturally, socially and economically from its ancient origins, to its African heritage, its European ancestry and an insight into South Africa’s own story. Detailed information on the brewing process is provided with encouragement to sample raw barley and hops. Enjoy complimentary beer at the end of your tour.

The World of Beer was established in 1995, an iconic year in South Africa’s history. It was the country’s first full year as a democracy, the year we came together as a nation to lift the Rugby World Cup trophy, and the year SAB celebrated a century of brewing mastery. To celebrate this milestone, the company opened what was then known as the Centenary Centre, a museum designed to showcase the history of South African beer. It was one of the first major investments made in the Newtown Cultural Precinct, ultimately paving the way for future developments in the area.

Former President Nelson Mandela officially opened the centre.

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