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FCEI Africa 2017


Press Registration Guidelines
Registration fees for the FCEI Africa 2017 are waived for journalists with credentials. Press badges are available only to working journalists and writers, who must show the proper credentials.

Registration will allow you access to the Conference Sessions as well as the Press conrence which will be held during the conference dates.
Please note that the Press Registration will not allow you access to any of the social functions.

Press Credentials

FCEI Africa 2017 accepts the following as credentials for the press:
  • Business card clearly showing media affiliation (a print, online, or broadcast news organization) and position (editor, writer, producer, reporter, etc.).
  • Letter of assignment on official company letterhead, in English, from an editor of a recognised publication or a producer of a broadcast program certifying that you are covering the conference for the respective news organization.
  • Or letter of intent, in English, for how their information from the FCEI Africa 2017 Conference will be used.
  • Please note that the above must be sent with your registration form and you will be asked to present the above at the registration desk when registering for the conference.
Press Registration

Advance registration of the Press for the FCEI Africa 2017 is a simple, two-step process.

Step 1
Please email electronic copy of your press credentials in English by e-mail to: fceiafrica@tourvestdm.com

When your registration is approved by the FCEI Africa Conference organisation committee, a confirmation will be e-mailed to you.

For questions regarding press/media opportunities:
Please click on the Contact Us button on the left for the details.

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