15th Annual Energy/Facilities Connections Conference
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Session Title
Session 1a Smart Buildings: What It Takes to Make Them Work
Session 1b School Safety and Communications During an Event: Thinking Outside the Box
Session 2a Integrated Pest Management Policies, Plans and Techniques
Session 2b Roundtable Discussion on Security and Emergency Plans Panel Presentation
Session 3a Bringing Balance to Managing Your Assets, Their Service Life, and Energy Efficiency Goals in a Changing Political Climate
Session 3b IAQ: It’s Not Rocket Science
Session 4a Get Attached: Efficient Window
Session 4b Health & Well-being in 21st Century Built Environments – Improving Quality of Life and Increasing Productivity
Session 5a Connected Buildings, IoT & Cybersecurity: Why You Should Care
Session 5b Finding Your Way on the Energy Management Continuum
Session 6a Microgrids with Energy Stor- age: Real Life Examples and the Benefits They Provide
Session 6b Adapting Recycling Programs in an Uncertain Market
Session 7a Renewables, Net Zero Energy and 18-01:  Scaling Solutions
Session 7b Human Centric Lighting: There’s More Than Meets the Eye
Session 8a Focused Energy Infrastructure Renewals and the Path to Net Zero
Session 8b Sustainable Partnerships & the Importance of Green Cleaning
Session 9a Custodial Safety in the Workplace
Session 9b Healthy People & Buildings: Reducing Exposure to Germs, Chemicals, & Asthma Triggers
Session 10a How UPS Can Assist with High Energy Costs and the Use of Technical Furniture to Improve Work Place Efficiencies
Session 10b Preparing for Wildfire Smoke Season
Session 11a Stay at Work Program & Preferred Worker Program
Session 11b Building Operator’s Certification Tool Session 1
Session 12a Energize Your Career with a Bachelor's Degree in Sustainable Building Science Technology
Session 12b Building Operator’s Certification Tool Session 2
Session 13a Building Operator’s Certification Tool Session 3