15th Annual Energy/Facilities Connections Conference

Creating Sustainable Outcomes - Presentation Unavailable
Steve Sinclair, Dept of Corrections

Challenges and Solutions for Today's Facilities Manager - Presentation Unavailable
Robin McKinney, Pierce County

Michael Knaack, Bethel School District

Session 1

   Michael Knaack, Bethel School District
Technical Track: Productivity Through Facility Analytics
   Jeremy Richmond, McDonald-Miller Facilities Solutions

Session 2

   Steve Hoecker, Portland Public Schools
   Steve Potratz, Washington State University

Session 3

   Kevin Speed, Phoenix Contact
Technical Track: Floor Covering - Maintenance Friendly or Maintenance Nightmare? - Presentation Unavailable
   Merle Kirkley, Beresford Company

Session 4

   Murray Greenwood, Ameresco; Tom Pryke, Triple Point Energy; James Johnson, The Everett Clinic
Technical Track: Energy Code and Roofing Issues - Careful What You Wish For - Presentation Unavailable
   Ray Wetherholt, Wetherholt and associates

Session 5

Leadership Track: Performance Management in the Workplace
   Daniel Lemay, Portland Public Schools
   David Sjoding, WSU Energy Program

Session 6

   Jay Donnaway, Sumner School District
Technical Track: Free Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool      Handout 1      Handout 2
   Greg Rock, WA Dept of Commerce

Session 7

   Steve Rice, Pelco by Schneider Electric
   Tom Lienhard, Avista Corporation

Session 8

   Doug Smith, MENG Analysis
Custodial Connections: Custodial Panel Discussion

Lunch Presentation: Puget Sound Energy Programs      Handout 1      Handout 2
   Sheryl Anayas

Session 9

   Greg Jourdan, Wenatchee Valley College
   Michael Smith, Western Washington University

Session 10

   Craig Engelbrecht, Siemens Industry
   Nancy Bernard, WA Dept of Health

Session 11

   Dennis Suarez, WA Dept of Veterans Affairs
   Lymari Ruiz-Sanchez, WA Dept of Labor & Industries

Session 12

Hot Shop (No material available. Contact the EFT Planning Team, 360-956-2057/360-956-2057, to be connected to any Hot Shop Table instructor for additional information on their handouts)

Session 13

   Tony Simon, WSU Energy Program
   Additional Material
Custodial Connections: Are You Healthy Enough to Lead?
   Robin McKinney, Pierce County

Session 14

Custodial Product Demonstrations

Session 15

Technical Track: Dangerous Waste and You
   Leatta Dahlhoff, WA Dept of Ecology
   Scott Spencer, Sattia Sear, Rasonda Settles and Jason Baker, University of Washington

Session 16

   Ken Eklund, WA Energy Program
Custodial Connections: Custodial Employee Engagement (Part 2) - Hands-On Demo and Q&A

Please contact each presenter, or Dana Colwell (
dana.colwell@wsu.edu), for permission to replicate any portion of the presentation material found on this website.