15th Annual Energy/Facilities Connections Conference
Making Your Case to Attend

We understand that getting approval to attend a training conference can be challenging. These key points can help you make your case. We also recommend checking out the conference agenda.
  • Networking opportunities. The EFC Conference is tailor-made to facilitate professional cross-talk. With three after-hours socials and a city that’s primed for keeping attendees together, the EFC Conference is the ideal event for networking, so be sure to bring your business cards. Moreover, there is no trade show or element where the premise is to pit sales folks against consumers. We simply don’t believe in that kind of thing, because it creates an atmosphere of pushiness and anxiety. With a setting focused on reducing the pressures on vendors to push hard on sales, as well as on attendees to have to deflect, everyone can enjoy a safe environment where facilities leaders and technical experts can interact to share ideas, lessons-learned, and resources.
  • Diverse and relevant training. EFC education sessions focus on optimizing your operations with ways to save money, implement more efficient and effective strategies, and practice innovative thinking. The EFC curriculum is always fresh, as it is designed from the feedback of past attendees and from surveying public and nonprofit facilities leaders of state, federal and tribal governments, K-12 schools, higher education, cities and counties, ports, hospitals and other nonprofits. Read that to mean the focus is on education that directly relates to the timely challenges of facilities leaders. Continuing education credits and BOC hours are also available.
  • Hands-on training elements. The EFC Conference team believes that we all learn in a variety of ways. We offer plenty of classroom-style sessions as well as hands-on learning opportunities, headlined by Hot Shop.