15th Annual Energy/Facilities Connections Conference

Heart and Vision - "Obtaining a Seat at the Table"
Bob MacKenzie, former Manager of the Plant Operations Support Consortium

Where We Learn Matters - What Schools Tell Us About Work Environments
Anisa Baldwin Metzger, Green Center for Schools (US Green Building Council)

Success in Facilities Management - The Necessary Ingredients
Teena Shouse, IFMA Fellow

Session 1

Low-Hanging Fruit: Simple Steps Toward Energy-Effective Building Operations
Roger Ebbage, Lane Community College

Energy Integration at the Olympia School District
Bonnie Meyer and Greg Deer, Olympia School District

Session 2

The Art of Selling an Energy Efficiency Plan to Executive Management
Stan Price, Northwest Energy Efficiency Council

The Cutting Edge of LED Technologies
Eric Strandberg, Lighting Design Lab

Session 3

Lessons Learned in Emergency Preparedness - Reliving the 2012 Central Washington Fires
Bryan Visscher, Wenatchee School District and Glenn Johnson, Cashmere School District

How Ventilation Affects the Health and Performance of Building Occupants
Richard Shaughnessy, University of Tulsa

Session 4

Utility Panel
Allison Grinczel, Shonomish County PUD
Rick Hodges, Bonneville Power Administration
Ryan Lambert, Puget Sound Energy
Levi Westra, Avista Corporation

Security Innovations - A Case Study
Nolan Duce, Port Angeles School District and Steve Rice, Pelco by Schneider Electric

Session 5

Innovative Leadership: A Common-Sense Approach
Tom Adams, Portland Public Schools

Commission and Updates on the State Energy Code
Gary Nordeen, WSU Energy Program

Session 6

Insights into Lean Management
Jim Chrisinger, King County
LuAnn Stokke, University of Washington
James Goodman, State Liquor Control Board

Shared RCM Insights into Solid Waste Management
Debbie Campbell and Jay Donnaway, Sumner School District

Session 7

Biomass Combined Heat & Power: Wood Waste and Biogas
David Sjoding, WSU Energy Program

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning: Where Did the Dirt Go?
Dan Joner, Carpet Cleaners Institute of the Northwest

Session 8

Rapid Energy $aving$, a Case Study
David Cone, Evergreen School District

What it Means to be Clean
Richard Shaughnessy, University of Tulsa

Session 9

Submetering - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Jon Sargeant, McKinstry and Norm Menter, University of Washington

Infection Control and Disinfection
Nancy Bernard, Washington State Department of Health

Session 10

Assest Sustainability - Uniting Capital Asset Management, Energy Efficiency and Maintenance Management
David Molinara - Ameresco

ATP Meters and Innovative Custodial Cleaning Tools
Chris Saffel, Ryan, Saffel & Associates

Session 11

Hot Shop

Session 12

Cost-Effective Management Tools Showcase, Part One: No-Cost Tracking Methods
Tony Simon, WSU Energy Program
Lee Link, WSU Energy Program

Improving Results through Standardization and Accountability
Michael Gibson, Diversy

Session 13

Cost Effective Management Tools Showcase, Part Two: Effective Facilities and Energy Self-Assessment Tools
Larry Covey, WSU Energy Program
Marcia Karr, WSU Energy Program

Hot Topics: Successful Team/Day Cleaning and "Engineered Water Cleaning in the Era of the Superbug"
Michael Smith, Western Washington University

Session 14

Mini Data Loggers and How to Achieve Low-Cost Operational Improvement
Greg Joudan, Wenatchee Valley College and Rich Prill, WSU Energy Program

Emergency-Ready Profile: A Startup Approach to Begin Mitigation and Recovery Services
Joe Feola, ServPro

Session 15

The What, When and Why of Variable Refrigerant Flow
Marcia Karr, WSU Energy Program

Workplace Tragedy - When it Happens to You
Gene Woodard, University of Washington

Session 16

Custodial Roundtable

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