15th Annual Energy/Facilities Connections Conference
First Timers - What to Expect

Never had the EFC Conference experience before? Be ready for something a little different. First, there is no trade show. We simply don’t believe in them. Sure, they have their place, but too often a trade show pits consumers against sales folks, which is counterintuitive to what we’re trying to do. In 13 years of running this event, we remain steadfast in our belief that high-quality education sessions are essential to a successful conference, as is having the right people in attendance with ample and easy opportunities for networking. Attending sessions is a great way to stock up on resources and insight, but so is conversing with your local utility provider over a beverage and finding out new incentive programs you didn’t know you could take advantage of, or chatting with another facilities professional and discovering that they have overcome some of the same challenges your organization is currently facing. 

The importance of building new connections is also why the EFC Conference is homed in Leavenworth each year. Leavenworth is a quaint, Bavarian-themed town with plenty of charm and stuff to do, but small enough so you can’t help but run into fellow EFC-goers afterhours just by walking down the block. On top of that, the venue is centrally located for those coming from both sides of the mountains. 

Be ready to take notes in the sessions and be challenged on a variety of facilities and energy leadership topics…but also be ready—with business cards in hand—to meet people and reenergize yourself with new connections and resources.