AADOM 10th Annual Dental Managers Conference
General Information


Should my doctor attend?

Many members bring their doctors because the courses can benefit all leaders of the practice. However just as many members feel strongly that AADOM time is their time. They consider the conference and the networking opportunities to be valuable time spent out of the practice. If your doctor decides to come then he or she won’t be alone – we have many dentists that attend with their teams.

My husband/wife is the doctor – are there courses for them?

The Dental Spouse Business Network (DSBN) was created for you! The courses are appropriate for both the dental spouse and their partner. This year’s speaker is Cathy Jameson who is a dental spouse and well-known dental speaker. You won’t be disappointed! San Diego is full of fun activities if your spouse does not choose to attend the conference – but we think they’ll be missing out!

How can I find a roommate?

You can always post an inquiry on our member forum and for years this has been a resource for members looking to reduce conference costs. We do not recommend soliciting roommates on our AADOM Facebook page. However if you are a member of the Virtual Study Club you can certainly post your request on its private, closed Facebook group. We urge you to exercise caution when reaching out to any stranger – even if they’re part of AADOM.

I work for a specialty office. Does it make sense for me to attend?

All of our courses are geared for any office manager. The information can be applied in most any dental setting. You will enjoy the Specialty Roundtable networking event that will take place during Friday’s breakfast. This is one of our most popular conference features and we’re excited to help you meet other specialty colleagues!

Are Spouses allowed to go? What will they do?

Yes spouses can join you. They can spend time relaxing at the wonderful Bay Front Hilton or they can see the sites of beautiful San Diego. Please go to http://www.sandiego.org/ for details. We request however, unless they are a dentist that they not attend the workshops.

Can other people from my office come if they are not members and are there any discounts for them?

Feel free to bring other members of your team. If they are not AADOM members, the do have the opportunity to join for a special one-time $99 rate when they register. If they register for membership then they will automatically pay the member price for the conference registration.

Can I get a group discount if I bring everyone from my office?

Yes we do have discounted pricing if more than one team member attends. Please see the Rates & Tuition tab on our conference website.

What do I need to do If I suddenly have to cancel? Can the monies be applied to next year’s conference?

Unfortunately we cannot apply the funds towards next year’s conference, however we do have a cancellation policy, where we do refund some monies depending on the timing of the cancellation. Please see the Rates & Tuition page under our Registration tab on our conference website.

I registered, but my payment didn’t go through, what do I need to do?

Please contact our conference registration team at (888) 570-0899 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm est. or you can email them at info@dentalmanagersconference.com

Can Spouses attend the Friday night event, (The Hornblower Boat Cruise)?

They sure can. Simply order the total number of tickets you’d like to purchase when you register for the boat cruise during the registration process. You won’t want to miss this celebration!

Can my family and/or friends attend my FAADOM Induction ceremony?

They sure can. We know how important it is to you and your family to share your achievement. Please let us know how many will be attending when you register.


What is the difference between the Educational Sessions and the Sponsored Educational Breakouts?

The Education Session speakers are chosen by AADOM’s Speaker Selection Committee. We work hard to bring you the best of the industry and have received rave reviews every year. Some speakers may be sponsored by a company but they must disclose this at the beginning of the course. Sponsor endorsements are not permitted during Educational Sessions.

The Sponsored Educational Breakouts are a part of a sponsorship package purchased by supporting companies of AADOM. These sessions will be hosted and run by the sponsoring company. They may bring in a non-company speaker or may choose to have a company representative lead the session. You may be exposed to the company product but most companies choose to focus on education, not sales.

How are educational speakers chosen?

Speakers can be chosen by either:

  • Being scouted at another dental meeting
  • Submitting their course for consideration
  • Member recommendation

The Speaker Selection Committee reviews the candidates and touches base with them to discuss topics best suited for the office manager, rather than the entire team. The selection process takes 2-3 months and begins almost a year in advance.

The conference dates are September 4-6th but you have a class scheduled for the night of the 3rd. Why should I come in early for that course?

Over the years we recognized that members often came to the conference early and looked for activities the night before the fun starts. We’ve also heard repeatedly that an advanced, high-level manager course is needed. We saw a way to meet both requests by offering a deep dive into one of our most requested topics: Human Resources. Paul Edwards of CEDR Solutions will explore the most frustrating part of hiring, firing and compliance. Attendance of this workshop will allow you to earn 3 CEs toward your Fellowship Program The class will be highly interactive and educational – a great way to start off AADOM’s 10th Anniversary!


What is the Ultimate Education package?

The Ultimate Education (UE) package is the best value for attending the conference. In addition to conference tuition you also will receive access to the AADOM Business College. You have a choice between the Virtual Study Club (for experienced office managers) or to the Foundations of Dental Practice Management series (for new managers and team members). Purchasers of the UE package are able to obtain conference CE and 6-7 CE for the Business College. CE units count toward Fellowship achievement or maintenance. VSC and FDPM sessions are all recorded for easy access.

I’m having trouble with my registration or I want to change my course selection.

You can edit your registration if you simply want to change a course selection. Go back into the registration site and “edit registration”. If you are having other issues, please contact our support team at (888) 570-0899 from 9:00am – 5:00pm est, or send them an email at info@dentalmanagersconference.com

What if I arrive at the conference and decide to switch classes?

You can alert the registration team and if there is room in the class you will be added. Many of our courses were sold out or near capacity – if we can accommodate your request, we certainly will!

How do I get the CE code?

The Code will be emailed to all attendees following the conference..

Will any of the workshop be recorded?

No, none of the workshops will be recorded.

What is the Office Manager of Distinction and how can I be a part of that?

The office manager of distinction is AADOM’s way of recognizing the top (5) office manager of the year runner ups. All of the Office Manager of the Year nominations are reviewed by our OMY committee. We then choose the top five nominations to receive the OMOD awards prior to the Office Manager of the Year Award.

Do I need to be registered for San Diego in order to be considered for the 2014 Office Manager of the Year award?

YES. You must be registered for the conference no later than 7/25/14 in order to be an eligible nominee.

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