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8:00 - 9:00 AM
Breakfast, Sponsored by Patterson (attendees seated by Specialty)

9:00 - 9:15 AM
Break / Travel to Classes

9:15 - 11:15 AM
Educational Sessions

Discover the Leader in YOU
Speaker: Kim McGuire

In this powerful workshop you will learn the tenets of leadership and learn how to lead your team to wild success both personally and professionally. Kim believes anyone can cultivate leadership skills, no matter what your background or personality! In this interactive seminar, you’ll learn how to: create a vision for you and your practice, hold your team members accountable, understand the 5 business engines that drive your practice, and learn the maximization of human capital. Join us to discover the leader in YOU!

The Dirty Dozen. Effectively Dealing with 12 Common Yet Nagging Practice Hassles (For new office managers)
Speakers: Debbie Castagna & Virginia Moore

In this fast-paced two-hour session, Virginia and Debbie will provide tools and perspective on 12 situations that can cause a lot of frustration in dental practices. Do you need a new approach or verbal skill for a scheduling challenge? How about for a “testy” patient or a grumpy co-worker (or dare we say boss?) We’ll chuckle at the hassles and leave smiling knowing you have some new tools in your toolbox!

Team Communication Creates Raving Fans
Speaker: Melinda Heryford, MBA

In this up-beat and straightforward presentation you will study the fundamental elements of team communication that create RAVING FANS. You will benefit from an education intensive discussion: learn the three D’s to creating Raving Fans, identify the seven steps to performing extraordinary service, and discover how to implement these steps on a daily basis within the flow of your normal work.

Scheduling Excellence
Speaker: Sandy Pardue

This course will expose the most common front office blind spots while providing endless success tips to help overcome challenges related to creating a productive schedule. Attendees will learn effective verbal skills, how to increase treatment acceptance, how to minimize broken appointments, how to detect patient upsets, how to take control of the schedule and boost office production. Sandy will share time tested strategies that assist with detecting and handling patient objections to scheduling and keeping appointments. Attendees will receive an action plan for implementing vital front office systems for practice growth.

Dr. Farran's 2 Hour Dental MBA
Speaker: Howard Farran, DDS, MBA

Topics will include how to apply timetested MBA-level management to your office, how to build a winning team without any hype, fluff or wishful thinking, how to get twice as much done in half the time while reducing your stress, how to focus your practice through market differentiation, cost leadership & niche market, how to develop a relationship-based practice instead of a product-based practice, how to increase treatment plan acceptance by understanding market segmentation and price elasticity, how going digital can dramatically increase your case acceptance, and the first and second laws of customer satisfaction.

Foundations of Dental Office Management
Speaker: Teresa Duncan, MS, FADIA, FAADOM

This course is designed for doctors or managers with less than five years of management experience or for those desiring a refresher course on the basics of dental office management. Experienced dentists know clinical excellence alone does not spell success—managerial talent and leadership is needed as well. Discussions will focus on situations that most managers encounter in their new roles. From hiring and firing to managing your practice’s revenue cycle—we’ll review basic systems you will need to have in place. Topics will include: structuring an effective team, managing your practice for financial success, tips on insurance management, and leadership and attitude as a manager.

11:15 - 11:30 AM

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Exhibitor Extravaganza

12:00 - 1:00 PM
Lunch and Expert Panel Discussion

12:30 - 1:45 PM
EXPERT PANEL (sponsored by CareCredit)

Celebrating 10 years of practice management education. Come with your questions ready for our Hall of Fame Expert Panel:
Fred Joyal
Janice Hurley-Trailor
Linda Miles, CSP
Cathy Jameson, PhD
Katherine Eitel
Judy Kay Mausolf

Hall of Fame Awards

1:45 - 2:00 PM
Break/Travel to Classes

2:00 - 3:30 PM
Sponsored Educational Breakout Sessions - A Course designed to educate the office manager on a product or topic chosen by the sponsor which may or may not include sponsor content.

Anatomy of a Compliance Audit
Speaker: Linda Harvey, RDH, MS, LHRM
Sponsored by: Patterson

Imagine your most hectic day when someone who’s not on the schedule walks in. Rather than an insurance card, you are presented with a government identification badge. Your office is about to undergo an unannounced compliance audit.

We often think of compliance in terms of a patient’s adherence to treatment recommendations. However, compliance is also a term frequently defined as an organization’s ability to adjust and adhere to government regulations. It includes having internal policies and procedures designed to prevent and detect violations of applicable laws, regulations, rules or ethical standards. Applicable regulations within dentistry range from state practice acts to broader federal regulations such as OSHA, HIPAA, Fair Labor Standards and more.

This presentation guides you through the process of an audit and discusses a 3-point approach to compliance. By attending this session, you will learn:
  1. What to do if you are audited
  2. How to prepare for different types of audits
  3. Tips for using internal controls to bolster your compliance programs
  4. What’s hot with OSHA including the Globally Harmonized System (SDS and pictograms)
  5. What’s hot with HIPAA including the latest breaches and fines
  6. Having a strong compliance program is foundational to running a profitable and legally sound practice.
Creating Brain Sparks: Collaboration is How We All Win
Speaker: Mindy Altermatt, FAADOM
Sponsored by: OneMind Health

Recent studies have shown that today’s employees feel more appreciated and ultimately fulfilled when they are a part of creating the success of their team. How do we cultivate an environment of inclusiveness and collaboration to make that happen? Join AADOM’s 2007 OMY Mindy Altermatt as she leads you through this action packed session intended to give you a hands on experience in collaboration and problem solving for dental teams. Bring your office’s top three challenges to the course and we’ll use your real life challenges in our exercises. Collaboration benefits the entire team! We’re talking everyone from the doctor to the receptionist and everyone in between. If you like the AADOM Forum, you’ll love the hands on approach to this session! Session attendees will:
· Learn the value and benefits of team collaboration
· Learn collaboration techniques you can use with your team daily
· Breakthrough the roadblocks that inhibit team collaboration

The Office Manager Toolkit: From Human Relations to Public Relations
Fred Joyal & Ali Oromchian, J.D., LL.M.
Sponsored by: Futuredontics

Dental office managers have more responsibilities today than ever before – juggling HR issues, practice marketing, staff management, social media …and of course, patient needs. So how do you do it all? AADOM favorites Fred Joyal and Ali Oromchian team up to share the secrets and shortcuts to make it possible.

This 360-degree look at the dental practice covers the growing list of responsibilities office managers deal with every day – including everything from performance reviews to Yelp reviews! Fred and Ali share the essential tools to simplify your life, get the most out of your team and keep your practice going strong.

Course Learning Objectives:
  • Outsmart Yelp, Google and Facebook
  • Keep your team motivated and accountable
  • Adjust to the newest changes in patient behavior
  • Stay compliant with employment laws
  • Avoid the biggest marketing time-wasters
  • Empower your team to work smarter, not harder
Overcoming the Fear of Cost in Dentistry
Speaker: Cathy Jameson, PhD
Sponsored by: CareCredit

Recent studies show that the #1 reason people don’t come to the dentist is FEAR OF COST! In today’s economy, money is the dental professional’s primary obstacle for a patient to move forward with recommended treatment. Have you found this to be true in your practice? Are you finding that no matter how great your dentistry is, you just can’t seem to get your patients over the financial hurdle? If so, Cathy Jameson can help you discover, develop and implement the techniques and skills needed to become a professional SALESPERSON – where there is rarely an obstacle too high to prevent you from performing the dentistry you WANT to provide – not even the price.

Course Objectives:
  • COMMUNICATION! Communication! Communication! Develop the skills necessary for effective listening and speaking.
  • WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? Find out how to make financial arrangements and how to find financial options that work for your patients and your practice.
    *SURROUND yourself with dental professional superstars! Learn how to create a culture in your practice that empowers, inspires and reflects true professionalism and well-managed systems.

There's an App for that
Speaker: C. Ray Coleman, D.D.S.
Sponsored by: E-Dental Office

Have you ever wondered when dentistry would finally get with the times? You know, make life as an Office Manager slightly less archaic? Wonder no more! Join E-Dental Office for the workshop you’ve been waiting for and we’ll show you how practice management can now be as simple as using applications in your office, the same simplistic way you do on your smartphone.

Learning Objectives:

Introduction to:
-New age Credentialing: Sign up your dentists with multiple insurance companies using a single application submission and do it for FREE with this easy application!

-DYI PPO Dental Insurance Negotiations: Get your doctor a pay raise using modern resources and professional tools and learn insider tips that will help you improve reimbursements! We’ll also show you an affordable app that will enlist professionals to credential, negotiate, and re-credential on your behalf!

-Setting Competitive Practice Fees: Are your practice fees competitive for your area? Guesswork can cost you thousands each year. Ready for a simple solution through an easy application? Attend the workshop!

Myths, Mistakes & Facts about Dental Labs: Hear it from a lab owner and get introduced to an application that will have your dentist(s) thanking you for years.

-Secret Supply Saver: Learn how a new application enlists supply professionals to do your shopping for you, finding you the best brands at the best prices!

-Approving more Patients for more Treatment?!: Financed patients spend 3.6 times more on average. We’ll show you the application that will help you increase treatment acceptance and production!

-Seeing more Patients, Keeping more Patients: Finally! Learn how to utilize the only application in existence that helps you easily create, manage and administer your office’s own custom discount plan(s) by extracting real information from your practice management software!

-Increasing Patient Show Up Rates: If you are already using a patient outreach software to reach out to your patients through some sort of messaging, we’ll teach you about the application that does it all for a whole lot less. If you aren’t doing patient outreach, we’ll show you how to finally afford it!

3:30 - 4:00 PM
Exhibitor Extravaganza

4:00 - 5:00 PM
Mini Keynote Address - Merikay Tillman, MS - Stress Busters Sponsored by OneMind Health
Dental Office Managers face many challenges and wear multiple hats on a daily basis. Juggling competing priorities and managing multiple personalities can add to the organized chaos. In this power packed session you will learn: strategies to motivate the unmotivated, how to resolve conflict & build stronger relations, ways to deal with terminally unique people & conquer worry, how to coach your team when they get off track, and more!

5:00 PM
Daily Wrap Up with Judy Kay Mausolf

6:30 PM
Boat Dinner Cruise (sponsored by Patterson) (optional)

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