2015 World STI & HIV Congress and Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference

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Name Title of Presentation Poster Number Theme
Jennifer (Jen) Audsley HIV Infection Up-Regulates Toll-Like Receptor Expression in Chronic Hepatitis B 1 Theme A
Susie Braniff NRL Whole Blood External Quality Assessment Scheme for HIV Point of Care Testing 2 Theme A
Andrew Foster Evaluation of Hepatitis C Virus in the Rectum of HIV-Infected Men who have Sex with Men 3 Theme A
Hongping Jin Nullbasic Inhibits HIV Replication Through A Latency-Like Suppression of HIV-1 Gene Expression in Jurkat Cells 4 Theme A
Dongsheng Li The Interaction of Eef1a and HIV RT is Critical for HIV-1 Reverse Transcription and a Potential Anti-HIV Target 5 Theme A
Michael Moso A Novel Assay To Evaluate The Response Of Patient-Derived Virus To Latency Reversing Agents Ex Vivo 6 Theme A
Lina Rustanti Optimization of Nullbasic Lentivirus VLP Production and Transduction Efficiency 7 Theme A
Khamis Tomusange Engineering Human Rhinovirus Serotype-A1 as a Vaccine Vector 8 Theme A
Winnie Tong T-Cells in the Anal Mucosa of Men with High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions 9 Theme A
Ting Wei Binding of the Eukaryotic Translation Elongation Factor 1A with the 5’UTR of HIV-1 Genomic RNA is Important for Reverse Transcription 10 Theme A
Basavaprabhu Achappa  Incidence and Risk Factors for Tenofovir Induced Nephrotoxicity among Patients with HIV on Stable Combination Antiretroviral Therapy (C ART) in South India 11 Theme B
Ivette Aguirre Impact of a Pharmacist Review during Annual Health Checks in HIV patients taking combination antiretroviral therapy 12 Theme B
Pande Anggreni Correlations between CD4 Count, Liver and Renal Functions among Care Support and Treatment (CST) Clients at Sanglah General Hospital, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 13 Theme B
Yibeltal Assefa Models of Care to Improve Short-Term and Long-Term Outcomes in Antiretroviral Treatment Program in Ethiopia: Lessons for Resource-Limited Settings 14 Theme B
Yibeltal Assefa Implementation of the ‘2013 Who Consolidated Guidelines for the Use of Antiretrovirals’ in Ethiopia: Successes and Challenges 15 Theme B
Mirzakhalil Bahmani Molecular Detection of Torque Teno Virus and SEN Virus among Infants Born with HIV-1 Infected Mothers 16 Theme B
Mark Bloch Safety of Tenofovir Alafenamide in Renal Impairment 17 Theme B
David Boettiger Tenofovir-based Antiretroviral Therapy in HBV/HIV Co-infection: Results from the TREAT Asia HIV Observational Database 18 Theme B
Vicki Bowden That Which is Measured: Retention in Care In NSW 19 Theme B
Denton Callander Exploring 'Uncommon' Routes of HIV Transmission Via Sex Among Gay and Bisexual Men 20 Theme B
Dianne Carey Utilisation of Dried Blood Spots (DBS) for Assessing Efavirenz Pharmacokinetics in ENCORE1 21 Theme B
Dennis Chibuye hiv and aids programming for people with disabilities on antiretroviral therapy (art) in Zambia 22 Theme B
Denise Cummins Is it important what information we collect? the case  of the missing data. 23 Theme B
Denise Cummins Is HIV associated cognitive impairment a concern for PLHIV? 24 Theme B
Denise Cummins PLHIV self assessmenttool  for recognising signs and symptoms of HIV cognitive impairment 25 Theme B
Jeffrey Dabbhadatta 'Gay Friendly GP' Online Training: Strengthening capacity of primary care in working with gay men and men who have sex with men patients 26 Theme B
Zahni de Bruin THRIVE (Tobacco Harm Reduction with Vaporized Nicotine): A Pilot Study of Nicotine Product Preferences among People Living with HIV 27 Theme B
Alison Duncan Findings of a pharmacist care plan program for people living with HIV/AIDS seen at a general practice clinic 28 Theme B
Riwanti Estiasari Cognitive Changes in Indonesia HIV Patients after Antiretroviral Treatment for 12 Months 29 Theme B
Hastuti Hastuti Predictors of CD4+ T-Cell Increased within 24 months of ART among ART Naive Patients in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 30 Theme B
Loretta Healey Retaining HIV-positive patients in HIV care: A personalized approach for those at risk of lost to follow-up at an inner city sexual health service 31 Theme B
Avindra Jayewardene Use of Concomitant Medications in HIV-1 Infected Patients in a Large Community Practice in Sydney, Australia 32 Theme B
Komang Kartika Sari Experiences of Most at Risk Populations Participated in Couples HIV Counseling and Testing (CHCT) in Bali, Indonesia: What Happened after the Test? 33 Theme B
Nur Aini Kusmayanti Nevirapine Discontinuation Within One Year of Anti Retroviral Treatment Among HIV-Infected Patients in Dr. Sardjito Referral Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 34 Theme B
Angela Langton Food Insecurity in People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Sydney, NSW Australia 35 Theme B
Julian Langton-Lockton A New Paradigm for Follow-Up of Men with Anal Squamous Cell Cancer (ASCC) 36 Theme B
Kevin Miles Sustaining HIV Testing and Treatment Programmes in Rural, Remote and Volatile Environments – Lessons Learnt from Papua New Guinea 37 Theme B
Kevin Miles Introducing Opt-Out HIV Testing in Rural Papua New Guinea: The Results of Pre and Post-Intervention Audit 38 Theme B
Rosalind Moxham The effectiveness of nutrition care provided to residents of a high care HIV specific residential facility in Sydney, Australia 39 Theme B
Catherine O'Connor HIV clinical mentoring in the Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces (SHP & HP) of PNG: Training and supporting community health workers(CHW) 40 Theme B
Matthew O'Rourke Earlier Referral of Complex HIV Patients, How to Stop the Spiral into Complexity 41 Theme B
Jennifer Power Anti-Retroviral Treatment: Changing Attitudes among PLHIV from 1997 To 2012 42 Theme B
Kanti Ratnaningrum The Predictors of Anaemia in the 1st Year of Zidovudine-Based Antiretroviral Treatment in HIV Patients, Indonesia 43 Theme B
Katy Roy Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (BGF) Model of Care, Supporting Treatment Adherence for the most Disadvantaged (People Living with HIV) PLHIV in NSW 44 Theme B
Shailendra Sawleshwarkar HIV-2 - A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Dilemma: Implications for Practice 45 Theme B
Thomas Schulz Enhancing HIV and Hepatitis patient management and research using purpose built software solutions. 46 Theme B
Ni Wayan Septarini The Relationship between Micronutrient Deficiency and Opportunistic Infection among Children Living with HIV in Bali 47 Theme B
Prageeth Suranga Premadasa Effectiveness of a poster and a guide in improving the knowledge and practice of hiv testing among intern medical officers of eight teaching hospitals in sri lanka: a quasi-experimental study. 48 Theme B
Thaslifa Thaslifa The Predictors of Missed Visits for Treatment Among Tuberculosis Patients in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 49 Theme B
Jason Trubiano Adverse drug reactions and combination antiretroviral therapy – the experience of a tertiary referral HIV centre 50 Theme B
Sri Utami Mortality among HIV Patients on Antiretroviral (ARV) Treatment in Bali, Indonesia 2006-2014: Incidence and Predictors 51 Theme B
Anindia Reina Yolanda Chronic Conditions among Care Support and Treatment (CST) Clients at Sanglah General Hospital due to ARV Treatment: A Cross-Sectional Study 52 Theme B
Fara Yuliani CD4+ Counts at Baseline Predicts Increases of Immune Response Among HIV Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy at Yogyakarta, Indonesia: A Retrospective Longitudinal Study 53 Theme B
Yurniati Yurniati Predictors of Mortality among HIV Patients on Antoretroviral Treatment in Dr. Sardjito Hospital Yogyakarta 54 Theme B
Anak Agung Sawitri  Estimating the Number of Key Affected Population (KAP) and People Living with HIV (PLWHA) in Bali Province: Small Initiative for Big Impact in Planning and Evaluating HIV Prevention Programs 55 Theme C
Mirzakhalil Bahmani The Effect of Antiretroviral Drugs in Reducing HIV Transmission from Infected Mothers to Infants 56 Theme C
Benjamin Bavinton Attitudes of Men in Homosexual Male Serodiscordant Couples towards ‘Treatment as Prevention’ 57 Theme C
Benjamin Bavinton Condomless Anal Intercourse within Gay and Bisexual Men’s Serodiscordant and Serononconcordant Regular Sexual Partnerships: The Role of Connectedness and Familiarity 58 Theme C
Graham Brown Home or Away – Is there a Difference? A Comparison of Australian Gay Men who Acquired HIV at Home, Interstate, or Overseas 59 Theme C
Graham Brown Positive Leadership and Policy Advocacy: Findings from the What Works and Why Project 60 Theme C
Graham Brown Peer Skill in Service Provision and Policy Advocacy: Findings from the What Works and Why Project 61 Theme C
Yves Calmette Significant Shifts in Gay Men's Knowledge and Attitudes towards 'Treatment as Prevention' in NSW: A Two-Year Evaluation of Ending HIV 62 Theme C
Brent Clifton Engaging with Sexually Adventurous Men: Challenges and opportunities 63 Theme C
Dee-Amela Conti Relationship myth between Sex Workers, STI’s and HIV 64 Theme C
Bonney Corbin Contraceptive Choices 65 Theme C
Cameron Cox Male Sex Workers and Risk Behaviour in Australia 66 Theme C
Ian Down Recently HIV-Diagnosed Gay Men’s Accounts of the Occasion at which they Believe they Acquired HIV 67 Theme C
Timothy Duck Chasing the Possible; Are we there yet? 68 Theme C
Andrew Foster Risk Factors Associated with Hepatitis C Virus Acquisition in HIV-Infected Men who have Sex with Men: a Systematic Review 69 Theme C
Jack Freestone Responsing to the rise of Mobile Hookup Apps: Getting it online, a peer facilitated workshop for young gay men 70 Theme C
Mo Hammoud Does Psychological Wellbeing affect HIV Risk Behaviours among Male Sex Workers in Australia? 71 Theme C
Loretta Healey A Snapshot of New HIV Diagnoses at an Inner City Sexual Health Clinic in 2014: What can Be Learnt About Where to Target HIV Prevention Messages? 72 Theme C
Riza Hayati Ifroh Effectiveness of Combination Audiovisual Media Aku Bangga Aku Tahu and Group Discussions to Improve  Adolescent’s Knowledge about HIV - AIDS in Senior High School 1 and Senior High School 3 of Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia 2014 73 Theme C
Hayden Jose Timor-Leste National Size Estimates and Behavioural Data for Key Populations at Risk of HIV and Other STIs 74 Theme C
Jackob Kagize Eligibility for and Factors Associated with the Likelihood of Using Antiretroviral Medications for HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis (Prep) By Australian Gay and Bisexual Men 75 Theme C
Phillip Keen Coming Out and Finding Out: Age and HIV Infection among Gay and Bisexual Men in Australia 76 Theme C
Douglas Knox Testing the ‘Never Tested’: providing HIV tests to men who have sex with men at a Sydney sex-on-premises-venue. 77 Theme C
Jime Lemoire Rapid HIV Testing without the Full Q&A 78 Theme C
Harry McAnulty Implementation of rapid point-of-care testing in a community setting: lessons learnt from PRONTO! outreach 79 Theme C
Harry McAnulty Setting up Rapid HIV and Syphilis Testing on the Smell of an Oily rag – Lesson learned from The Rainbow Project, Northern Ireland 80 Theme C
Kevin Miles Correlation between Number of Sex Partners and HIV Prevalence in Remote Areas of Papua New Guinea 81 Theme C
Kevin Miles Oil and Gas Workers’ Universal Knowledge about HIV Transmission in Papua New Guinea 82 Theme C
Clarissa Moreira Does using a BED Capture Enzyme Immunoassay test enhance current HIV surveillance practices in Victoria? 83 Theme C
Dean Murphy PrEP and the New Negativity: Experiences of Disclosure and Sex among Participants in the Qualitative Arm of the VicPrEP Study 84 Theme C
Sandeep Nanwani Sexual Networks of Young MSM in Jogjakarta,Indonesia 85 Theme C
Tri Nguyen Prevalence of HIV Infection and Risk Factors among female sex workers in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam 86 Theme C
Stanely Nsubuga Coping strategies of children after learning they are hiv positive: a case study of nsambya hospital aids programme 87 Theme C
Tarneen Onus-Williams Strong, Sexy And Connected; Aborginal And Torres Strait Islander Youth Peer Education 88 Theme C
Jacqueline Patruno HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in an Australian Regional Centre: Patient Demographics and Outcomes from 2011-2014 89 Theme C
Gavin Prendergast Reaching the Hard to Reach: Rapid HIV Testing Elusive Western Sydney Homosexually Active Men 90 Theme C
Dian Prima Sex and Partner Status as Predictors of Loss to Follow Up Among HIV/AIDS Patients on ARV Treatment in Badung District Hospital, Bali 2006-2014 91 Theme C
Wayan Citra Wulan Sucipta Putri Difference Outcome and Increase of CD4 Level at New Asymptomatic HIV Positive Patient Based on Anti Retro Viral (ARV) Initiation Time Status 92 Theme C
Tammy Rudduck Assessing the use of a peer-led mobile van for effective HIV service delivery: A whole of community approach. 93 Theme C
Yanri Wijayanti Subronto Describing Sexual Histories and Activities of Young HIV Seropositive MSMS and MSMS With Unknown Serostatus In Jogjakarta, Indonesia 94 Theme C
Tony Tang Let’s Talk about Prep: Understanding Perceptions of Prep Among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) through Social Media 95 Theme C
Truc Thanh Thai Correlates of problematic alcohol use in people living with HIV/AIDS in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam: Findings from a cross-sectional study 96 Theme C
Stefanie Vaccher Characteristics of Gay Men in Sydney Using HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: Baseline Data from the Prelude Study 97 Theme C
Giuseppe Vincini Lot Release for HIV Rapid Test Devices used at Point of Care 98 Theme C
Michael Wacher Fresh Approach to Promote Safe Sex with Gay Men: An Australian First through a Large-Scale Initiative 99 Theme C
Solomon Wong A multi-strategic approach to HIV promotion with Asian MSM 100 Theme C
Putu Cintya Denny Yuliyatni Barrier to Achieve Coverage of PMTCT Program into Antenatal Care at Community Health Centre in Denpasar City, Bali Province – Indonesia: An Evaluation Study 101 Theme C
Md. Masbah Uddin Ahmed The impact of stigma and discrimination among   msm/transgender people who faced violence within family and society in bangladesh. 102 Theme D
Brent Allan Ramping up the Partnership Response - The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) Australia 103 Theme D
Brent Allan Honouring, Valuing and Inspiring PLHIV Leadership - The Positive Leadership Development Institute Australia 104 Theme D
Komang Ayu Evaluating the Implementation of Couples HIV Counseling and Testing (CHCT) among Most at Risk Populations: An Experience from Bali, Indonesia 105 Theme D
Suresh Badhan Should Education on Sexuality and Related Issues be Made Compulsory for Adolescent School Children? Parent’s View 106 Theme D
Brent Clifton From Personal Leadership Aspirations to Building Stronger Communities 107 Theme D
Brent Clifton Evolving HIV Positive Health Promotion programs – New Partnerships, New Opportunities 108 Theme D
Teddy Cook Reaching Out&About: ACON in Southern NSW 109 Theme D
Márcio Cristiano de Melo Incidence and mortality of children and teenagers with aids: challenges in the south region of Brazil 110 Theme D
Sangeeta Sharma Dhaor A study of sociocultural influence on hiv positive homosexual males in delhi, india 111 Theme D
Sangeeta Sharma Dhaor A mixed method Study of Influence of Sociocultural Factors on Women Living with HIV/ AIDS in Delhi India 112 Theme D
Timothy Duck Making it Easier to have a HIV Test; Integrating Rapid HIV Testing into the Mix of Testing Options in NSW 113 Theme D
Lance Feeney Anal Cancer - Diagnosis, Monitoring and Management in Sydney and South East Sydney Local Health Districts 114 Theme D
James Gray The complacency myth: Young gay men’s engagement with HIV and sexual health 115 Theme D
Karl Johnson The HIV Disclosure Project; Developing an Online Collection of HIV Disclosure Stories 116 Theme D
Hayden Jose ‘Tara Bandu’, Social Values and Sex Work: The Interplay of Traditional Justice, Society and HIV/STI Programming for Sex Workers in Timor-Leste 117 Theme D
Melissa Kelly Missed opportunities: A case report highlighting lengthy delays in HIV diagnosis 118 Theme D
Kamal Kishore HIV Management and Care Training of Pacific Health Care Workers 119 Theme D
Zachary Kwena HIV Prevalence and Factors Associated with the Use and Choice of Contraceptive Methods among Women in the Fishing Industry Along Lake Victoria 120 Theme D
Bomboso Lobanga Impact of HIV Testing on Sexual Health Communication in Goma (Dr Congo) 121 Theme D
Kelsey Pateman Attitudes of People Living with HIV toward Nicotine Products and Tobacco Harm Reduction: A Focus Group Study 122 Theme D
Dean Price Creating opportunities for change in HIV policy – a case study of election advocacy in NSW 124 Theme D
Daniel Reeders Peer Networks and Targeted Health Promotion: Findings from the What Works and Why Project 125 Theme D
Jonta Saragih Action Planning of Health Care Providers Against Stigma and Discrimination towards MSM and Waria Persons in Indonesia 126 Theme D
Heather-Marie Schmidt How do we get the Research Policy-Makers need in HIV and STI’S? 127 Theme D
Sarah Smith ‘HIV Testing Week’: An Effective Call to Action towards Ending HIV in the New Era 128 Theme D
Ni Made Erika Suciari Lesson Learned From Implementing Pitc among Pregnant Women After Introduction of Pmtct and Sufa Initiatives In Bali Province 129 Theme D
I Nyoman Sutarsa Health System Readiness to Integrating Couple HIV And AIDS Counselling And Testing (CHCT) into Mother And Child Health (MCH) Program in Bali Province – Indonesia 130 Theme D
I Nyoman Sutarsa Couple HIV Counselling and Testing (CHCT) among Gay Men in Bali Province – Indonesia: Challenges and Lesson Learned 131 Theme D
I Nyoman Sutarsa Barriers to Providing Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) at the Community Health Centre in Badung Regency, Bali Province – Indonesia 132 Theme D
Marlene Velecky
Treatment for HIV: The Intersection between Policy and Data in NSW

133 Theme D