FT Innovate 2013
Day 2: Thursday 7th November

CHAIR: Andrew Hill, Management Editor, Financial Times

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The Innovator’s DNA

Innovators aren’t born, they are made. This session will explore how each of us can become more innovative by enhancing our capacity to think differently (associating) and to act differently (questioning, observing, networking and experimenting) in order to make an even greater difference.

Hal Gregersen, Professor of Leadership, INSEAD, and co-author, the Innovator’s DNA

32 Key Trends Shaping the Future of Work

Technology and changes in world population demographics are transforming the global workforce into one that is more mobile, includes more women, is getting smaller, and brings with it a very different set of expectations to the workplace. So, what will the future of work look like?

Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School 

Klarna Checkout and the Mobile Revolution

Mikael Wintzell, Executive Vice President Sales, Klarna

Networking tea and coffee break 

The New Era Workforce: Managing and developing a workforce that will drive and sustain innovation
 - Practical insights from corporates & organisations -

It is understood that really listening to customers is vital to producing market-dominating innovative products and services to meet their needs. But it is also worth remembering that the greatest ideas come from – and are executed by – a talented and innovative workforce. As important are the tools and approaches that enable employees to act on consumer-driven insights. This panel brings together workforce experts and those companies that are responding most innovatively to changes in the global workforce in order to attract and effectively tap into the top talent, and will examine their practical (and sometimes experimental) approaches to:

• Increasing the visibility and recognition for employee ideas
• Building a culture of risk-taking
• Understanding and working with the different expectations of Gen Y around what work means, and where and when it should happen
• What motivates the digital generation?
• Collaborating with stakeholders within the organisation – and external partners
• Is the architecture of place still important in driving innovation?

Lisbet Thyge Frandsen, Group Senior Vice President of People & Strategy, Grundfos
Samir Desai, CEO & Co-Founder, Funding Circle
Ben Holmes, Partner, Index Ventures
Michel van Hove, Partner, Strategos

Moderated by
Andrew Hill, Management Editor, Financial Times

How Samsung Innovates New Products

Luke Mansfield, Head of Product Innovation, Europe, Samsung Electronics

Networking lunch  

The New Groundbreakers

In an effort to reach their growing middle classes and low-income consumers around the world, we are seeing emerging market companies produce ‘frugal’ innovations – i.e. ‘good enough,’ affordable products (and services) that meet consumer needs - that are increasingly disrupting world markets. This panel brings together forward-thinking executives from some of the most innovative companies from Singapore, Russia and Latin America to talk about how they make innovation happen.

Tarek Farahat, President,
P&G Latin America
Thien Kwee Eng, Assistant Managing Director, Singapore Economic Development Board

Moderated by 
Andrew Hill, Management Editor, Financial Times 

How Facebook is Innovating in the Travel Sector

Lee McCabe, Global Head of Travel Vertical, Facebook