FT Innovate 2013
Day 1: Wednesday 6th November 

Ravi Mattu, Business Life Editor,
Financial Times

Registration, tea and coffee

Rethinking Coca Cola’s Approach to Innovation 

Nancy Quan, Global Research and Development Officer, The Coca Cola Company

Interviewed by…
Ravi Mattu, Business Life Editor, Financial Times

View from the Cloud

Dr. Werner Vogels, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Amazon

The joys of the cloud, the challenges facing cloud infrastructure and the growing role of the cloud in making innovation happen.

Driving Disruptive Digital Transformation: How the Cloud and other technologies overturn current business models

Ron Tolido, SVP & European CTO, Capgemini
Simon Short, CTO, Capgemini UK 

in conversation with:

Ravi Mattu, Business Life Editor, Financial Times

Networking tea and coffee break

The Cloud: Heralding a new era of innovation?

There is no doubt that cloud technology reduces IT costs, but its value to an organisation is potentially much greater than this. Companies are now beginning to realise that cloud is poised to radically change the way they operate and serve customers. Furthermore, because of its low cost, it is set to massively accelerate the innovation prototyping phase, heralding an era of innovation at speeds we have not previously encountered. Our high-level panel of groundbreaking corporate cloud-users and cloud software experts will look at the pros and cons of the cloud, and the ways in which it is being used to drive innovation. 

Johann Butting, Head of Operations and Online Sales, Europe, Dropbox
Mark Rock, Founder, adio.fm
Bob Harris, CTO, Channel 4
Simon Short, CTO, Capgemini UK

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Making Innovation Happen

Alec Ross, Author & Former Senior Adviser For Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Followed by an interview with Ravi Mattu, Business Life Editor, Financial Times

Round table discussions

An opportunity for delegates to generate new ideas and ways of solving problems with corporate leaders and topic experts, in small, mixed-sector groups with a maximum of 12 delegates per group. Delegates will explore questions that get at the bedrock fundamentals of innovation, bring new thinking to current challenges, network, and discuss the hottest, up-to-the minute topics of interest to those whose job it is to make innovation happen in their companies.

Asking The Right Question

Hal will lead an interactive discussion about the importance of asking the right questions (keys to unlocking creative solutions), becoming better at asking the right questions, and teaching others how to do the same. Based on extensive research interviews (in collaboration with Clayton Christensen), he will explain how the best disruptive innovators know what to ask – and when. He will also touch on our crisis in keeping this questioning capacity alive in children and what it means for innovation future.

Hal Gregersen, Professor of Leadership, INSEAD, and co-author, the Innovator’s DNA
"Innovation - Managed not Random?"

Why are organisations struggling to innovate successfully? Is it possible to industrialise innovation? What are the top tips for building more innovation into your organisation?

Rick Freeman, Head of Innovation, Capgemini
The future of the internet and cloud computing: big data, big money, big brother, big tech, big gov - where is this going and what will it mean for innovation, jobs and growth?

Technology is progressing exponentially, and what sounded like science fiction only three years ago is now becoming a reality: Google Glass, self-driving cars, predictive search and anticipatory services, ultra-smart electronic agents and voice / gesture controlled devices and much more. Connectivity is becoming like water and ultra-smart mobile devices are low-cost, omni-present, hyper-social and ultra-addictive. Data is indeed becoming the new currency of the global economy: whoever controls the digital oil-fields, the pumps, the pipelines, the refineries and the filling stations, is bound to become even more powerful than the oil companies. 'Datawars' are becoming almost more frequent than real wars (see the recent NSA revelations), and cloud computing is being re-written at this very moment. Consider the recent developments in neuroscience, human-machine interfaces, artificial intelligence, robots and nano-tech and it is clear that we are looking at the most amazing commercial opportunities as well as some ‘wicked challenges’ in the next few years.

Gerd Leonhard, CEO, The Futures Agency
What big business can learn from tech start-up

- Rapid Prototyping and Agile
- Open and Collaboration
- Growth Hacking
- APIs over MBAs
- Being 10X and Hybrid Skills
- Culture, Values and Mission-Led Business

Kathryn Parsons, Founder, Decoded
Sending your problems and needs to The Crowd through the Cloud; the Crowd as the Global Workforce

An exploration and discussion roundtable into ways for a company to reach the talent and diversity in the global crowd through the cloud.
This poses some important questions.
Can you work with the crowd in a way that is secure?
In a way that does not disclose your identity and therefore your problems to your competitors?
In a way that can address the sensitivity of your confidential information?
In a way that can keep the resulting ideas and solutions confidential?
In a way you can own the solution?

Steven Drew, Director, Business Development, Europe, InnoCentive
Breakthroughs Across Boundaries

Connecting across a divide can often lead to ground-breaking innovation. Examples of such boundaries may be between industries, skillsets, social groups and geographies.

Drawing on his experience delivering innovation across industry and geographic boundaries with McLaren, Jim Newton will lead a discussion on the following areas:

• Pioneering examples from the group of innovation enabled by working across boundaries – identification, challenges and solutions, results
• People, technology and innovation – from engaging the workforce to involving the community, how changes in society and technology are enabling new approaches to business
• Focus – where next? Thoughts from the group on the most important new innovation challenges and the boundaries that will need to be crossed to achieve results

Jim Newton, Market Development Director, McLaren Applied Technologies

Yasmina Siadatan, 
Creative Director, Start Up Loans

Preparing for a Faster Future

Gerd Leonhard, CEO, The Futures Agency 

Big Data - Risk or Opportunity

Kimberly Holmes, Head of Strategic Analytics, XL Group

Big Data 2013 Catch-Up

At FT Innovate 2012, we looked at how organisations have been gathering and analysing big data to drive new business. In this panel, we ask CEOs from some of today’s most data-driven companies to look at how far we’ve travelled in the last 12 months, and touch on what might be next for big data.

Kimberly Holmes, Head of Strategic Analytics, XL Group 
Dave Carruthers
, Founder,
Kathryn Parsons, Founder, Decoded  


End of Day 1 and networking drinks reception