FT Innovate 2013
FT Innovate 2013
The New Groundbreakers

Thank you to the delegates, speakers and sponsors who together made FT Innovate 2013 one of the most memorable in the event's distinguished eight year history.

With the future happening faster than ever,
FT Innovate 2013 set its sights on two important trends as they advance over the horizon: cloud technology and changes in the global workforce. When, where, how, and why we work is going through a period of significant transformation, as the baby boomer generation makes way for Generation Y, and cloud technology - which allows cheap, constant & everywhere access to data - improves. It is precipitating an unprecedented shake-up in the way companies do business and in the way they innovate.

FT Innovate 2013 gathered the most exciting newcomers alongside the best-known global brands talk about how they are breaking new ground in the utilisation of cloud technology, and the ways in which they are adapting to changes in the workforce, to crack new markets and out-innovate the competition.

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2013 Conference Chaired by:

Ravi Mattu
Business Life Editor
Financial Times
Andrew Hill
Management Editor
Financial Times
Speakers Included: 

Alec Ross, Author & Former Senior Adviser For Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Werner Vogels, Vice President & CTO, Amazon
Nancy Quan, Global Research & Development Officer, The Coca Cola Company
Tarek Farahat, President, Latin America, P&G
Luke Mansfield, Head of Product Innovation, Europe, Samsung Electronics
Johann Butting, Head of Operations and Online Sales, Europe, Dropbox
Ron Tolido, SVP and European CTO, Capgemini
Lisbet Thyge Frandsen, Group Senior Vice President of People & Strategy, Grundfos
Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School
Bob Harris, CTO, Channel 4 
Hal Gregersen, Professor of Leadership, INSEAD, and co-author, the Innovator’s DNA

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FT Innovate 2013 

Making Innovation Happen
Alec Ross, Author & Former Senior Adviser For Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

FT Innovate 2013 Keynote Address And Interview: View From The Cloud
Werner Vogels, Vice President & CTO, Amazon

  FT Innovate 2013
Innovation And How Samsung Brings Technology To The Market - Fast 
Luke Mansfield, Head of Product Innovation, Europe, Samsung Electronics

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